A Game Of Thrones’ New Trailer Makes The Wall Look Small

Here's a new, long trailer for the upcoming real-time strategy game based on George R R Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series of novels.

It'll be out on PC on September 29. Sadly, being based on the books (and a sort of prequel at that) and not the TV show, there'll be none of this.


    Invisible development cycle, 1:30 of nothing more than marching armies, a guy beating a sword, and not one example of actual combat gameplay to be seen.

    I smell impending suck.

    Argh. They've f***ed this up. It looks 10 years old.

      Yeah, what kind of game could be fun without pretty graphics?

        Text adventure?

        No, you're right... they're not fun.

    The books are amazing

    I am waiting to see what they do with the diplomacy and alliance model. They have stated that all the betrayal, etc... will be part of it but haven't seen anything of it yet

    If they make it part of the gameplay then it might have a chance, if it is just what happens in the cut scenes, campaign mission briefings then it will probably suck

    Why is Castle Black the only thing on the wall? Where are Eastwatch and the Shadow Tower? All the proportions are completely off, not just the wall; travel between major cities took weeks, but it looks like the Twins could be seen from King's Landing...

    Not optimistic for this game. Let books remain books, I say; they can rarely be done justice.

      I dunno, if "mount & blade" and "songs of fire & ice" had babies I Would be pretty happy

        Quick! Someone get this man a studio and a decent budget! Stat!

      It's a strategy game. It's a forgone conclusion that scale will be fucked. Either you enlarge troops or minimise structres. Otherwise you'll have cases where castles fill the screen/individual soldiers are impossibly small.

      Why do you think building structures in RTS games are usually tiny in comparison to the endless stream of soldiers that supposedly built inside?

      As for the Night's Watch castles. If they included the Shadow Tower/Eastwatch, then why stop there? Why not put in the other 19 or so? Because it's an RTS game. And Castle Black is the HQ of the Night's Watch. I think this game looks pretty bad, but complaining about RTS tropes is pointless.

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