A Handover Post For Mark

A Handover Post For Mark
A Handover Post For MarkHey Mark! Welcome back to Australia! I hope you had a fantastic time in Scotland. I bet you’ve gotten an amazing tan (lol). Anyway, while you were away I had a great time being the editor of Kotaku AU, and I’ve come up with some ideas that I think would make the site even better.

You don’t have to implement these changes straight away — you’re probably still jetlagged — but now that we have Logan on board we could probably get this done by Friday.

First, I have a few ideas for posts that we should definitely run. I discovered the IGN Story Generator and I think we should use it as a source for future stories. I’ve even done the art for all the posts so you all you have to do is write the posts yourself. I’ve got a few examples below. A Handover Post For Mark

A Handover Post For Mark
A Handover Post For Mark

I’m pretty chuffed with the art. I did it all by myself! They don’t call me Tracey “Wow she’s such an amazing designer” Lien for no reason!

Next, I think Kotaku needs a re-design. I think the current design is getting a bit stale. I understand that the Kotaku IT and design guys are really busy doing whatever it is they do, so I decided to do a mock-up of the re-design myself.

Obviously this is just a draft, and we can get Ben from the design department to touch it up here and there, but I think all he’ll need to do is maybe blend a few colours. I’ve been pretty thorough in realising my vision for a new Kotaku: more pink, more hearts, more fabulousness. Also, two smiley faces. We can increase this to three if you feel that the site needs it, but I don’t want to go overboard or anything.

So yeah, the TL;DR version is this: * I had a great time at Kotaku * We need to write more stories from random story generators * Kotaku re-design is in order (needs more pink and hearts)

By the way, that’s a photo of my dog Isabelle. Isn’t she cute?

Love and cupcakes,

Tracey Lien Acting Editor of Kotaku AU Action Journalist


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