A Handover Post For Mark

Hey Mark! Welcome back to Australia! I hope you had a fantastic time in Scotland. I bet you've gotten an amazing tan (lol). Anyway, while you were away I had a great time being the editor of Kotaku AU, and I've come up with some ideas that I think would make the site even better.

You don't have to implement these changes straight away — you're probably still jetlagged — but now that we have Logan on board we could probably get this done by Friday.

First, I have a few ideas for posts that we should definitely run. I discovered the IGN Story Generator and I think we should use it as a source for future stories. I've even done the art for all the posts so you all you have to do is write the posts yourself. I've got a few examples below.

I'm pretty chuffed with the art. I did it all by myself! They don't call me Tracey "Wow she's such an amazing designer" Lien for no reason!

Next, I think Kotaku needs a re-design. I think the current design is getting a bit stale. I understand that the Kotaku IT and design guys are really busy doing whatever it is they do, so I decided to do a mock-up of the re-design myself.

Obviously this is just a draft, and we can get Ben from the design department to touch it up here and there, but I think all he'll need to do is maybe blend a few colours. I've been pretty thorough in realising my vision for a new Kotaku: more pink, more hearts, more fabulousness. Also, two smiley faces. We can increase this to three if you feel that the site needs it, but I don't want to go overboard or anything.

So yeah, the TL;DR version is this: * I had a great time at Kotaku * We need to write more stories from random story generators * Kotaku re-design is in order (needs more pink and hearts)

By the way, that's a photo of my dog Isabelle. Isn't she cute?

Love and cupcakes,

Tracey Lien Acting Editor of Kotaku AU Action Journalist


    Oh no! Tracey's last post? Many a sadface.png today.


    And now I'm stuck on the IGN article generator. Goodbye rest of the day (2 minutes, tops).

    I laughed, I cried.

    Goodbye Tracey, it was fun.

    Welcome back Mark. You'd best step up your email-responding game though, or else you'll have a coup on your hands.

    Well, another coup.

    Thanks for making the \o/ tag! And for Resistance 3! And for being a great editor! And for the better While you were sleeping puppy! Aaaaaaand I'm out of exclamation marks.

    STEVE HOLT \o/

    Tracey, the redesign we've gone with looks IDENTICAL to what you've pitched. Great minds think alike!

      My sister likes the redesign...she thinks it needs more flowers and rainbows though :/

    See you in Hyper, Tracey... Hmmm. Hyper-Tracey :)

    Aya!! Last Post! Two sad saultes in one week! /me salutes Captain Tracey!
    *wipes away tear*

    Love the redesign!! ;) Classic stuff!! lol

      Oh Captain, my Captain!

        *Stands on table*
        Oh Captain, my Captain.

          *stand on Blaghman, standing on table*



            God you're hilarious.

            No, I am being serious, kudos to you man.

            - Starts slow clap -

              You sarcasm is scalding my very soul, i assure you.

              On a semi-serious note, i'm one of those people you either love or hate.
              I call it the Peter Griffin Effect.

              Plus i got a TAY full of love so i'm not complaining :)

              Now - how about that hug? :)

    BYYYYEEE Tracey!!! Thanks for all your awesomeness and hopefully it's not the last we see of you!!!!

    Love and cupcakes xxx

    That redesign needs more ponies, is too balanced at the moment.

    You've signed off "love and cupcakes", so I only hope that you bought enough for everyone. Particularly the cupcakes, love is cheap these days but cupcakes are always awesome.

    I demand these changes be implemented immediately. More little dogs!

    Now THAT is how you sign off with style! Thanks Tracey, and welcome back Mark! :)

    It's been great having you here Tracey, we'll all miss you, especially me. *cries*

    The answer to the questions...

    Yes, Zelda is the adult version of Ratchet... sidenote, a futuristic Zelda would be awesome by the way!

    Vanquish would be a perfect dancing game, especially if it was it was Kinect/Move compatible!

    Bai Tracey, twas fun having you :D
    Come back soon (read: Go back to Scotland, Mark :P)
    (BTW, did you ever get Cheapskate last week, or did your emails hate you?)

      I never received it! Oh nooooes!


    I've always wondered why the IGN staff are constantly suffering from a 'feeling of urgency'. I just wish the generator used the word 'addicting' instead of the much more sensible 'addictive'. Man, that pisses me off.

    Awesome stuff. And thanks Tracy.

      Oh yeah, that irks me too.
      I reckon it's a form of trolling.

    I hate bittersweet days
    *wipes tear*
    You were awesome to have around Tracey.
    In a perfect world I could have you both at once, but I'm afraid Serrels is just a lot more cuddly than you so I have to go to where my heart belongs.

      Are you saying that Mark is fat?

        Just big boned. In the stomach region. With very soft bones around that whole region.

    thanks for much awesomeness tracey, hopefully we didn't leave you as a quivering heap, constantly returning to the fetal position... don't forget about us... TAY is always open, pop in every once in a while

    It's been fun, Tracey.

    On a somewhat related note, I couldn't play Vanquish... it gave me motion sickness for some reason (wimp) :P so a dancing game would definitely help!

    Good luck with whatever you are planning to do from here on.

    Thank you Tracey you were awesome! Oh and is it possible Tracey outdid Mark for stumping us with the daily retro pics???????

    I love all the Engrish you stole from Morning Glory stationery. x

    I'll never forget you, Tracey!



    Tracey - you have been rad to the power of awesome!
    Thank you so much! :D

    Also, EPIC final post.

    That random generator is awesome - i may have to use it on my lunch break to make an actual story... could be fun! lol

      Also, sad chuloopa is sad... please come back sometime!

      Whoa! Lunch break!?!

      Chuloopa has a job?

        lol nice. I'll pay that one :P

    Finally we can go back to 'Remember This' posts that we can answer.

    Thanks for everything Trace... it's been a blast.

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