A History Of Nintendo Handhelds On Beautiful Little Posters

Club Nintendo goodies, rewards offered by the company for serious and long-serving fans, aren't usually that great. But these Nintendo handheld cards, celebrating 31 years of portable goodness, they're great.

Available for 300 coins, there are 12 in the set, each individual piece measuring around 6x4 inches. They even come with a cool pouch to keep them all together.

They only went on sale yesterday, so if you're a few coins short, Skyward Sword should push you over the edge with time to spare. Unless they sell out! Which, given how cool they are, they just might manage.

History of Handheld Systems: Collectible Cards [Nintendo]



    Um, This is Nintendo of America. Don't get your hopes up, they're not on the Australian club Nintendo website =/
    We seriously get all the crap that none of the other countries want. Even Europe gets better stuff then us.

    We have pretty much nothing on our Club Nintendo store. Its crap.

    Damn, dont get my hopes up like that.

    Yeah, the Australian one has nothing at all in it. The only thing that has been worth while was that SNES Wii controller.

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