A Pokémon Parody You Cannot Erase From Your Brain

In this clip, the opening screens for an array of Pokémon games are brought to life. It's funny, but more importantly, it's pretty messed up.

Then, there are the battle scenes, which are equally bizarre and wonderful. Be sure to stick around for the bit at the end with the toilet and the part with the dudes in thongs.

The folks that created this clip, Kusarine Project, also did their take on the Sponge Bob freak-out commercial.

Check out their YouTube page for more videos.

Random Time! - Pokemon in real life [GoNintendo]


    HOLY CRAP...
    ...the more you watch the worse it gets.

    entertained me tho, very funny... in a messed up way.

    That was hilarious, if slightly disturbing. xD

    I'm not sure what just happened.

    But that was amazing.

    At first, I thought this was the worst thing I had ever seen.

    But then I realised it was the best.

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