A Thank You Note From The Lame Gamers

Okay, so the gamers themselves might not be lame (far from it!), but they games they played sure were. Recently a group of charitable gamers threw together The Lame Game Marathon to raise money to the UNHCR's East African Appeal. Aside from giving themselves minor aneurysms from playing games like Pimp My Ride and Gardening Simulator, they also raised a pretty penny for charity.

We received the following email from Dan Camilleri, one of the survivors of the marathon.

To all the guys at Kotaku AU,

After finally getting some sleep, then giving the bank transfers and last minute (or blatantly late) donations a week or so to stop coming through, we're now happy to announce that the Lame Game Marathon was a resounding success! After setting ourselves the grounded yet apparently modest target of $2000, through the 24 hours of the marathon we received over 110 donations all adding up to a mind blowing total of $5500 for the UNHCR's East Africa Appeal!

The final result still has us in total disbelief, with some amazingly generous people donating as they watched us suffer through the likes of Carmageddon 64, Limbo of the Lost, Mortal Kombat Mythologies and Gardening Simulator. It was a lot of effort to get through it all and to make the whole event a reality, but as hard as we worked to get there we know we couldn't have done it without your support.

By featuring posts on Kotaku about our exploits with the Lame Game Marathon, you helped us reach a much wider audience than we ever could have hoped to on our own and managed to filter word of the cause throughout the Australian gaming community.

So, to the amazing guys and gals at Kotaku AU, and to the ever awesome Kotaku AU community, we say a massive THANK YOU. Your support has helped us, but more importantly it will help others who really need it more than anyone else right now. So, once again, thank you :)

Dan Camilleri On behalf of the survivors of the Lame Game Marathon 2011.

Kotaku AU would like to thank all the members of the community who made donations and supported these guys in their painful gaming adventures. Next time anyone throws another Lame Game Marathon, let me know. I have a few copies of Jake Power: Soccer Star that I desperately need to get rid of. Even EB won't take them as a trade in.


    You guys did a great job and were quite entertaining to boot :)

    Fun times were had by all...at least, all that weren't participating.

    Seriously well done guys.

    Puppylicks = far right, just FYI ;)

      He does not look like a puppy. WHAT A MISLEADING USERNAME.

        Hey people say I don't look like a robot either after the Kotaku Melbourne meat

        Plus, no puppy can beat Humphrey, none! Just too cute!

        Fun fact: PuppyLicks' user name used to be RobotFart.

          Now that is true to the picture!

        The username is kind of a long story, so long story short: Puppy Licks are awesome, so thats my name :D

    Nice work guys - i'm still annoyed i missed it!

    You guys rock my socks and jocks and co.... cogs...

      We'll send you a copy of the 12 dvd set.
      Or maybe the BluRay.

    You guys are all awesome for tuning in, donating and just generally being awesome. Glad everyone who tuned in enjoyed it!

    Next time, we eat sound effects!

    it was a great cause and the stream itself was very entertaining!

    i hope to see this be done again, i might even do it with you guys next time!

    That's awesome, they should do another one at some point

    I did not know Han Solo was a part of this.

      Han shot first!

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