A Video Compendium Of 25 Years Of Console Loading Screens

There's something weirdly nostalgic about these two videos, which are a compilation of every boot screen for every console ever to have one, going back to the Sega Master System (the Mark III in Japan) of 1985.

And by every one, it looks like this video means it, bringing in such systems as the Casio Loopy alongside treasured favourites like the Nintendo 64, three boot screens of the GameCube, Earthworm Jim grunting until his pants fall down and, of course, the Dreamcast (6:06 of the second video).

In all, this is 20 minutes of boot-screen goodness, minus the angst ridden message to YouTube's "Peckerface" management at the beginning of video one. Big thanks to 'Shop Contest All-Star mrjoeyyaya for pointing it out.


    The Pippin is terrifying!

      Hell yeah it is. Disembodied children's voices should not be used for a console boot up

      It was pretty creepy, but the Pioneer Laser Active appears to be the ugliest and scariest console ever.

    Some of these are way over the top with colour.

    I guess it was a big thing to show off how many colours can be displayed or something..

    I like that playstation boot up noise the best I haven't heard that in like over 10 years or something.Nice and simple but "back in the day" it has pretty freaking awesome and you felt you weren't playing on a kids nintendo anymore.

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