After Ninja Gaiden 3's 'Consequences', Ryu Will Never Be The Same

Look, if you don't want to be on the receiving end of Ryu Hayabusa's Dragon Sword, don't join an anti-ninja mercenary force, "mate". That said, it looks like even the star of Ninja Gaiden 3 is dealing with the psychological impact of spilling so much blood from katana-fodder of past Ninja Gaiden games.

The latest, Tokyo Game Show-timed trailer for Team Ninja's next action game is here, giving players a little background on why Ryu's right arm is so bloody and so powerful. It's a major gameplay component of the next Ninja Gaiden game and, apparently, its plot.

After you're done watching Ninja Gaiden 3's "Consequence" trailer, why not flip through a handful of new screen shots from the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 game, due sometime next year? C'mon, mate. Do it. I've got a family too, you know.


    Ninja Gaiden Solid 3: Swords Of The Patriots


    Oh cool I wasn't hoping to see some gameplay from a game with nothing going for it outside of its gameplay anyway.

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