All About PlayStation Vita, From Tokyo Games Show 2011

In moments we are due for a keynote address on Sony's next-generation handheld system from Tokyo Games Show, courtesy of Shuhei Yoshida, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment worldwide studios. He and Kissei Matsumoto, the no. 2 for Sony Computer Entertainment, are expected to present the latest information on the detailed specifications of this state-of-the-art system and its dedicated software titles. Won't you join us?


    Yeah but does it have a 20 year back catalogue to "re-imagine" in "stunning 3D"

      No, but it has a 5 year back catalogue of PS3 games to "port" in "laziness" :P

        Touche and Trues!! :)

          Dont forget 10 year old ps2 games ripe for the porting also!

            Now I'm worried.
            They couldn't even get that right on the psp...

              Don't be worried; the PSP couldn't handle PS2 ports. It lacked the controls and graphical power. The Vita has neither of these disadvantages. The proof? Can the PSP run MGS4 using PS3 assets? No, of course not. But the Vita can. Think PS2 is an issue now?

    As if... it has a catalog of 10 years of game to "remake" in "HD"

    Dont forget PSone remake-remakes...

    Now now kids there will be HEAPS of ports and remakes/hd upgrades yes. But there will be HEAPS of new only of Vita games that will be great aswell. So you can buy more than you have time to play of what you want and not bother with things you don't want.

    If they do ports, I do hope they port them like the Disgaea series or the persona series. They were some damn good ports.

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