AMD Sets A World Record With A 8.429GHz Processor


    Protip: That's not a CPU in the picture

    I'd certainly be surprised if they got a GPU up to 8 GHz, when they normally sit at about 850 MHz.

    Some kind of article would have been nice.

    You need to clean up your act, Kotaku. Gamers don't ask much of the sites they use for information and news, or of the "journalists" who staff them. But this sort of stuff is pathetic and it's happening more and more.

    Wow what a shitty article, someone should complain about this guy. This is even worse than Brian Ashcraft's articles, I mean look at this, not even two full sentences!

    Not to mention the guy is talking about CPU's and has a picture of a GPU as a picture.. doh!

    Such horrible writing.

    Joel Johnson, quality article like always.
    I couldn't be bothered reading it all but man I wish I had the CPU in that picture, is it a quad core?

    this definitely has the potential to become an article about the future of PCs and technology etc. But 8.4GHz is a damn high number


    Shittiest article I've ever seen on this site..

    No, what Kotaku need to do is put up a new disclaimer about what they are all about.
    People come here expecting just solid articles and that's justified, but that's not always what is delivered, sometimes we get this, and I understand that any news is better than no news but Kotaku need to change people's expectations in writing I think, via said disclaimer. This should stop complaints.

    What happened to Serrels?

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