An Army Of Dragonborn Prepares To March On Skyrim Retailers

In preparation for the worldwide launch of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim this November, Bethesda has assembled an army of army of bronzed Dragonborn statues, armed and ready to be drooled on by fans at retail locations around the world.

It's time to start cozying up to your favourite video game retail employee, Skyrim fans. Perhaps then one of these gorgeous Dovahkiin statues will find its way to your bedroom instead of the dumpster behind a GameStop once the excitement over the game dies down, which I expect will happen sometime over the course of the next decade.

Attack of the Nords [Bethesda Blog]


    would be better if it was made of chocolate.

    By all the Gods, I would kill for one of these!

    I think my bro entered a comp to win one of these through EB.

      ...and I need to tell him that he didn't win :

        The link just redirects me to the news page, and the latest news is from before september, and I can not find where the winner was announced and I have been looking all over the internet. Any help would be great.

    So awesome!!!

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