An Xbox, A PlayStation And Battman Walk Into A Bar...

Actually, it's not a bar. It's a Chinese market, where this abomination hails from, bringing together the very worst in Xbox, PlayStation and ill-advised superhero movie sequels.

Called the Battman, there's something that looks a lot like an Xbox, only it's in a hideous "Christmas Tree" colour scheme. There are also two controllers that look like they're from a PS1. Well, models of PS1 controllers a high school had to make for science class.

There's also a gun. Presumably so you can shoot the thing until it dies.

Wait... what? [Reddit]


    Hey look! It's a UNIQUE item!

    C'mon Kotaku, you know ya wanna buy one and roadtest it for us readers :)

    Looks to me its famiclone console

    What distresses me about these knockoffs is that some kids non-savvy nanna might buy one for the kid, not realizing it's really only useful as a heavy blunt weapon.

    I think it looks better than the 360 (original not slim) >_> Obviously the straight up black version not that abomination in the second pic.

    I smell three massive lawsuits against the mentally-challenged manufacturer.

    please god road test this.

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