Analog Fighting In Dead Island

Love it for its body parts, looting, insanity and amazing settings, hate it for its ludicrous bugs and iffy graphics, either way you owe it to yourself to at least check Dead Island out.

There's tons of things to do, there's also a lot of really neat subtle, sorta hidden things. Like how the game lets you change your fighting controls to "analog." I'll let explain in this video.


    I see i've been playing it WRONG. I was still having fun! Cant wait to try these options.

    Ludicrous bugs? Iffy graphics? Someone's been playing this on a console (and paid way too much for it)!

    And don't give me that "analogue is only for consolers..." nonsense. Analogue works with the mouse, as well...

    ...If you're a competent gamer with the basic IT skills to search google on how to do it.

      What bugs are there? I've not really seen anything beyond one or two crashes and the occasional tendency to have thrown weapons be inacessible if the zombie falls over them (and even then you can often get them back by kicking the corpse for a while till it exposes the one pixel you need to find)

      Actually I played it on pc, and no I don't feel like googling a solution that the devs should have included in the game, keep your gloating to yourself. anologue control works straight out the box with PC. You move your crosshair over a zombies limb, it auto aims on it and you hack it off. I've been picking off zombie arms off thugs and decapitating thugs with no issues...

    Just because you haven't run into many bugs, doesn't mean others haven't been plagued by them.

    I used to cringe when people would declare the buggy-as-shit Fallout:NV as problem free because THEY hadn't run into many bugs.

    See, I cringe when people bitch and moan about buggy games when it's otherwise fun.

    Morrowind was buggy as shit, and I NEVER see people condemning that game.

    Analog fighting isn't too bad, but it takes ages to get used to, and really doesn't help when you get swamped and you cant swing and hit them away

    Didn't Elder Scrolls Arena have analog fighting? :-P

    It IS buggy (eg. USB headset audio static), the graphics ARE iffy (eg. forget gamma correction) and it could have been so much more (I always want MORE!!). But what we got is still good fun for what is a $50 game. If only some more tweaking was done it would be great - I'm happy with good though.

    Now, I'm off to smack that thug around the head some more.

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