And The iPhone Games Keep Looking Better, And Better, And Better

Gears of War may not be available on Apple's iOS devices, but you can get what looks to be the next best thing with Shadowgun.

While the Gears similarities are everywhere (especially in the design of your character's suit), as is often the case with iPhone games it can be excused when it looks this damn pretty.

Shadowgun will be out on the App Store next week. An Android version should be out shortly afterwards.

'Shadowgun' Coming 9/28, Launch Trailer Revealed [Touch Arcade]


    To anyone interested in SE RPGs; I strongly recommend Chaos Rings on iOS..

    Actually, I don't think it can be excused.

    The suit is exactly like the one from Gears. The Terran adjutant from SC2 was ripped off here too. I'm surprised the thing wasn't made by Gameloft TBH.

    yay gears for ios... lol

    seriously looks similar... oh well i'm keen

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