Angry Birds Tournament Held 32,000 Feet In The Air

The Angry Birds Asian Challenge will have gamers competing in the popular casual game aboard a Finnair flight from Finland to Singapore later this week, the airliner said today.

An Angry Birds non-alcoholic beverage and fried eggs will be served at the Helsinki Airport press conference to kick off the competition.

What this all about, you ask? Sorry that's all we know so far, but tomorrow's press conference should give us more details. Like, will the flight of the plane end better than the flight of those many angry birds!


    Are they using actual birds?

    Having a tournament for Angry Birds seems a bit silly, when it's basically all luck based... People are just going to memorize the level layouts, and rinse repeat. Even with something like CoD, there's an element of skill involved, especially against other players.

    This? This is just stupid.

    CoD... Skill... HahahahAHAhAHAhaha

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