Arcade Relief For Victims Of Tsunami

We've seen a lot of generous gamers starting up their own charity events, but we haven't seen any create a PS3 compatible arcade machine that comes pre-loaded with 350 games... until now.

Bespoke Arcades have teamed up with artist Shok-1 to create a one-off custom arcade machine that is being sold on eBay, the proceeds of which go towards the Japanese Tsunami relief.

The auction starts at £5000 (approx $AUD7600), the arcade machine boasts the following features:

* Over 350 classic arcade games pre-installed * Huge 28” over HD TFT screen * Superb 2 player, 10 button arcade gaming * Light gun compatible for all the 1st person shooters * Excellent 2.1 R/C woofer sound system * Dual core Intel PC system + large HDD * Emulator-compatible for 1000’s of games, * Full PS3 compatibility – just “plug ‘n’ play” * Fully integrated, flush mounted trackball * Front-mounted USB 2.0 ports (x4) and DVD re-writer * Wi-Fi access via internal wireless card * Microsoft wireless keyboard / mouse * Microsoft Windows 7 home edition

While we don't have $7600 to spend on an arcade machine, we're sure someone out there does (*shakes fist*) and it will be money well-spent!



    I saw a PS3 machine in the airport the other day. That pretty much has nothing to do with this story but ah... you know... it was pretty cool. I mean, the airport! Free PS3!

      I've seen those, too! Sydney international airport waiting lounge. :D I think they had FIFA the last time I was there. May have been FIFA 10.

        ZOMG! Fifa!? I only had Marvel pinball or a broom-broom game, and even then I was extremely excited. Despite the fact both are readily available at home and I care for neither.

        They had something similar at Singapore airport when I was there a couple years back. They had an area with a bunch of PS3's / 360s that you could play while you waited for your connecting flight. The games were a choice of FIFA, FIFA or FIFA.

        This was back before the 360 slim at the height of the RROD issue, however, so half of those 360 units weren't actually working :P

    I'm saddened by the news that this is a one off thing, if I had that kind of money I would certainly look at getting one

    lol $7600 buhahahahaha. Having built and restoring plenty of cabs before, i can tell you it wouldn't cost a CENT over 2K in materials. 4K mark up? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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