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You guys have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I’ll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.


    Do you have something against Alpha Protocol? Headbutting in Ask Me Stuff should ALWAYS be an option!

      I do believe it was HeadSLAM, sir.

      Press Q to...

      Story time (this will be amazing):

      Step 1: Search database for 'Ask me stuff'
      Step 2: Above image returns
      Step 3: Scratch head -- where are all the fun ones be at!?
      Step 4: Thought: "Maybe no one will notice!"
      Step 5: Insert image into post and hope no one notices

      Yeeeeeah. Cool story, Tracey.

        Have you considered replacing all the images you can find with exceedingly silly ones, so that when Mark gets back he'll have no idea what's happening?


    I've been waiting a week for this!
    (I hope Mark warned you, otherwise this will just look weird!)


      Pants are pretty lame.

        I can confirm she is not wearing any today.

          Because I'm wearing a DRESS. Gosh, I'm not just running around naked like the rest of you Allure Media chumps.

      As an actual question, do you have extensive plans for the site while you act as editor, you're obviously already doing the posts with pro players, so do you have plans for more stuff like that while there's nobody to tell you off? I remember Junglist suggested at least one new idea when he was acting editor, not that I can even remember what that was, but I'm sure it was definitely... an idea...

      (And as another thing, did you get my email to Mark that he said was forwardededed to you, and are you just refusing to make eyte contact with it, or did it get lost in the nether?(I am really needy/paranoid with emails)

        I came into the job with the whole month planned out (I'm a bit OCD like that) and the main thing I want to be able to bring to the site while I'm here is long-form feature articles because I feel that those kinds of pieces are what really give readers insight into how a game is made and why a game is special. I also think it's incredibly important to know the people behind the games we play, and I think devs tend to be forgotten about when people talk about a game. So I've already lined up a bunch of interviews that I will be turning into features when time permits (I'm talking about stuff like the Brawsome piece and the article on gears of War 3).

        And yes, I got that thing that Mark sent me. It's sitting in a folder for that category so I will get to it soon!

          Long form features about stuff?

          That's what I come here for.

          That and TAY.

          Mainly TAY, if I'm being brutally honest, but also that.

            Given I only read the Aussie stuff and TAY, I'd say I'm only really here for TAY.

            I only started reading and commenting on other posts again a few weeks back, so now I'm omnipresent.

            I purposefully avoid TAY because it's always hundreds or thousands of posts long, which is intimidatingly huge...

    Now that you've seen the current crop of commenters that Serrels has sown, are you silently pondering how to escape this madness?

      There. Is. No. Escape.

    How are you finding the job so far? Easy, fun, hard, boring, soul crushingly horrible etc

      I'm really enjoying it.

      I think the thing that's really jumped out at me is how hard it is to balance things. For example, just this morning I did a long interview with the writer of Resistance 3 - that interview will probably take me 1-2 hours to transcribe, then another few hours to write. But during this time posts still need to go up on Kotaku... So as much as I'd like to get a big feature up on Kotaku today about Resistance, the time constraints don't really allow me to do that. Mark has to deal with the same thing, which is why we might have several big interviews for stories in the bag but because there's only one person running Kotaku we can't do everything we want to do right away without compromising something else. SO! It's interesting.

        Important question, could you use an assistant? I need one of those job things I've read about

          No budget for one, unfortunately.

        Dragon Dictation works well enough to save me a lot of time transcribing? Do you use something like that?

          I don't use any programs.

        What about an unpaid intern?

    Why is my 'web' teacher, teaching us Adobe Soundbooth & using a terrible terrible Black Eyed Peas song as an example for this?! D:

    My poor ears I tell you!!

      You think they could have got Spiderman to teach your class. Surely he knows much more about webs.

        Haha, good play there. Good play.

        At least he's not 'teaching' us Flash this semester.

          My third grade teacher taught us "Flash". I don't think he's allowed to teach anymore.

    Why are half your tweets about cab drivers? Did you secretly want to be one? Why don't I ever see female cab drivers? I think you'd be a good cab driver.

      Because I work at a newspaper at night and get cabs home (trains/buses don't run at that time) so I am often in cabs and the cab drivers are often weirdos.

        You only answered one of my questions, now I feel cheated. ='(
        Also, Sydney's public transport system is a silly.

    I have nothing to say

    So. you. like ... stuff?

    Did you know it's Crash Bandicoot's 15th Birthday on Friday? If I write something and it doesn't suck (i.e. has the tracey stamp of approval), would you consider throwing it up on Kotaku?

      I did not know this!

      To celebrate: HD Remastered Collection of the first 3 games + Crash Team Racing with online races! Somebody make it happen and I will open my wallet and shower them with the many silver coins I stockpile.

      (I can dream...)

      If you email it to me I'll have a look at it and we'll see. :)

      If it gets shot down by Kotaku I would be happy to run it on GamePlayer, we are always looking for fresh content.

      That's right! We officially take content which other games websites reject. Because we have high standards.


          Lol I just realised that sounds so much worse if you think its a company not just one guy; its just me so I try to field content where I can :D

    Can we enter the space marine comp more than once if we have the time? :)


        Hey, special guest Charlie Sheen, what do you think of this answer?


            That's what i thought, Charlie.

            That's what i thought.

            That's what i thought, Charlie.

            That's what i thought :)

    Does Kotaku not get as many reader reviews as it used to or something? I remember a time when there used to be reviews almost once a week. I always liked reading reader reviews as you knew that people were going to be honest about it as they weren't being paid off by the developers (unless they were... hmmm conspiracy).
    I'm writing a review and sending it in now in the faint hope of inspiring others to do the same... unless of course my review is deemed to be awful and is condemned to the blackest pits of the recycle bin.

      I've received one so far and Mark had one in his inbox before he left. I'll be putting one up this week. Given that I haven't been here that long I don't know what the Reader Review situation was before my time.

    Have you got a few favourite games of the moment? or a Console preference? thanks!

      Of the consoles the xbox probably gets the most use because it doesn't require as many updates when I turn it on. Also, I quite enjoy xbox live arcade. But I have nothing against the other consoles, I just find the xbox the easiest to use.

      At the moment I'm playing El Shaddai. I should probably write something on it!

    Are you going to the EB Expo?

      I haven't even looked into it! So the answer is: I don't know.

    What's the answer to today's Remember This?

    Does my bum look big in this?

      Huge. HUGE.



    Are you not posting Lunchtime Wasters while Mark is away?

    What am I supposed to do during my lunch hour?

      I will hate you for the entire duration of my half-hour lunch break.

      I'll start these up tomorrow. :)

    How many roads must a man walk down before he can call himself a man?


      I always thought that was the Question to the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. Well, at least the mice liked it.

    Are you familiar with Steampunk?

    Would you go to a Steampunk themed picnic while the Queen is visiting?

      I know what it is and I've stood on a steampunk-themed train station (Paris Metro stop Arts et Metiers) but aside form that my engagement with it is relatively low.

      I'm up for all kinds of picnics!

    Do you have any info to share about The Last Guardian?

    Serrels knows stuff... he denies it, but I can tell he knows... he's just not talking. Can you rummage through his desk, computer, etc while he's away and dig out whatever info it is that he's holding back and share it with us?

      On the subject of things he knows but won't talk about... Mechwarrior.

      Braaains, I did a Splinter Cell style incursion into enemy territory last night, and uhhh, I figured you'd want to know about this.

      Mark isn't actually in Scotland. He's been taken to a special underground Facility located just west of Tokyo, where he is currently playing The Last Guardian. He has betrayed our trust, and so I feel that he must be terminated.

        I've dispatched top men to take care of it.

        Top. Men.

        That... bastard!

        No... no... I have to believe that he's just gone to collect that copy of the Ico/SotC collection autographed by Fumito Ueda that he owes me.

        If that's not the case, then he will pay dearly for his treachery. DEARLY.

      I could be sly and lead you to believe that I have PLENTY of information that I am choosing to withhold, but I don't have any news for you. Sorry! (I will look into this and see if there's anything there. If you don't hear back, assuming I found no news.)

        Awesome. I'll interpret that as you taking a sacred vow to dig up new Last Guardian information and sharing it with us all. I look forward to seeing results by close of business today. Love your work.

    Official PS3 Bluetooth 7.1 Headphones are due out this month, is there a actual date?

      Were they announced oustide of the US though? I was under the impression they were only being released there, so you'd have to import.

      Also, I think they're out now in the US.

        US PS3 site still same pre-order.


      We haven't received any news about it. I just asked the Gizmodo guys and they don't know, either.

        Just ordered one from Amazon. They wouldn't ship to me. So hopshopgoed it. Be here in a few long weeks

    What is the difference between a duck?


    What's your most anticipated upcoming game? Game of the year so far? Any upcoming interviews or previews you're excited for this month?

      As a huge Batman fan, I'm looking forward to trying out Batman: Arkham City. I can't really pick a game for GOTY yet -- there have been games released so far that have impressed me so far, but I feel that the best is yet to come. Man, batman is so awesome.

      As for upcoming interviews -- I did three interviews yesterday and one this morning. More to come next week. There's a mix of dev interviews for big AAA titles and indie studios.

        Hear hear! Batman FTW!
        Portal 2 is definitely a contender for GOTY though. :)

          Yeah, Portal 2 is probably my pick, too. Honourable mention to Killzone 3, though, which I loved.

          I expect them both to be blown out of the water by any or all of Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3 and Dark Souls. Skyrim isn't eligible for my GOTY award until the GOTY edition comes out next year :P

      Uncharted 3 for me definately, I think U3 is also the best contender for GOTY (Well there is Skyrim still to come, tough October!). Uncharted goddamn 3! I'm so excited!

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