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You guys have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I’ll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.


    What game are _you_ looking forward to in the upcoming gaming season Tracey?

      Probably Arkham City because: Batman Batman Batman Batman! I'm not particularly invested in the other upcoming releases as a gamer.

        not even skyrim?
        or Assassins Creed?

          I'll give them a go, but my interests as a gamer are far more narrow than my interests as a journalist. :)

            Being one of the few people to have tried the Wii U, will you wait for the Wii U version of Arkham Asylum? ;)

            ...find the hidden Pokemon on the Wii U controller screen!

              I am not waiting for the WiiU at all, haha.

    Trauma level after STEALING that bandage?

      Absolutely terrified. Honestly, I'd never felt so bad in a game before. :-/

    Did they invite you to the Can'd Meat yet?
    Also, when Serrels returns are we going to get an overlap with both of you guys here again or will you just disappear forever? That would be sad. *sniff*

      I have not been invited to canned meat yet! (Sounds gross (lol I kid). As for the second thing, I'm not sure!

        Well Tracey, let me extend a formal invitation for you to attend the Can'd Meat. Now all you need do is make your way to Canberra on Sunday, and you can party with us cool cats.

        It's not at all impractical for you whatsoever.

        On behalf of everyone, we cordially invite you to the Can'd Meat. Don't worry. No cand or meat are involved. Well, there may be meat for noms. We're meeting in Canberra so, if you want to come, please do... I was sure I invited you already.

          Canberra! I had thought of travelling down there to visit the National Gallery but then I got too busy. Can't make it this afternoon, but if there's a Sydney meat then I'd love to hear about it!

    There are approximately 17 bajillion games coming out in the next two months. Which of these are you going to try and find some time to play as soon as possible to avoid bursting from the hype and which are you kind of interested in but can wait until you see them sitting on the shelves for very little?

    Also, care to join us for some Gears 3 Horde mode? More people is more good, or so I've been told.

      We should get this thing happening again!


        We should.

      Batman -- I want to play that in my own little bubble because everyone starts tweeting about it and ruins it for me.

        Batman was hospitalised after the events of Arkham Asylum and never fully recovered. Superman took his place and did his usual flying brick shenanigans.

        The people of Gotham didn't realise Bats had been replaced because they rarely saw him and always thought he was quite awesome.

        And then Catwoman tried to seduce Joker, only to have Harley try to kill her with a rocket launcher.

        Then they all had cake. Except for Robin, because it was a crowbar shaped cake.

        And that sums up the entire plot of Arkham City. Now that it has been spoiled, you don't need to bother with the bubble.



            *Sorry, thought you might need this.


            I didn't spoil the bit about Aquaman making a surprise appearance.

      And to answer your Gears 3 questions -- I gifted my copy of Gears of War to a kudos winner. :)

        So that's a maybe? :p

          Yeah sure. :P

    Who's a crueller master, Wildgoose or Mark?

      Wild. Goose. :P

    Did you get a Diablo 3 beta invite? can you give it to me

      I have not! :(

    does anyone think the new support class in BF3 is a bit without the med packs, i really can't see me setting up shop camping with some bi-pod LMG and lasting very long. You die pretty quick if you stay in one spot on BFBC2....

      On the contrary, I found the support class in BC2 to be silly. Traditionally in BF games, the medic has had a rifle of some kind, either in its own class (BF1942, BF2) or part of the assault class (BFV, BF2142), whereas the support class was a dude with the ammo and LMG. Not sure why they changed it in BC2, but I'm glad they are changing it back.

    What are your favourite gaming genres, and what are your favourite games for those genres?

    What was the last game you bought?

    How do you study AND work full-time? Seems like a really hard thing to do.

      It's hard to say what genre I'm most interested in because it comes down to the individual game. I love FFVIII, FFX, Rez, Lumines, AudioSurf, Chrono Trigger, Arkham Asylum, Monkey Island, and Age of Empires... so I'm a bit all over the place.

      Last game I bought was El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron at Dungeon Crawl in Melbourne (supporting independent retailers, yeah!).

      As for studying and working full-time... I am very tired right now, lol.

        Is there a reason you aren't interested in FFIX or FFVII?

          Of course, that is to say, why didn't you "love" them like the other two you stated?

          Because I haven't had a chance to play them! I would have still been a school student when they came out and couldn't buy my own games, and now that I can I haven't had a chance to go back to try them out. I have the biggest pile of shame imaginable.

            For the love of all things, play those games. FFIX is nostalgiavilla and FFVII is.. well it's FFVII, I dont need to say much more.

            May have to send you a care package T.Lien.

    What time is the RAGE event happening? I need to know before I can say for sure that I'm going!

      Nutting out the invitation now then it has to run past the publisher. Should have it out to you by tonight or tomorrow morning at the very latest.

        Speaking of, I sent an email giving the thumbs up for Lobo to go, but I'll have to swap emails with him to organise the JB gift card. Thanks again Lobo - enjoy the event guys!

          Sweet, I'll make sure an invite gets sent out to Lobo.

    What's your favourite animal?


        haha...i'm sure you loved the Meercats Manor show on Ch10 a few years ago then...

        For me, otters come in a close 2nd, to Meerkats. Small animals are the coolest!

    What's the frequency, Tracey?


      "If you don't know her frequency, just check the back of the box..."

    I'd happily give you one of my bandages :)

    ...provided i had any...

    Also - played any interesting Space Marine recently? :P

      Haven't been sent a copy yet, although I've heard some really good things about it, so I'll hopefully try it out once I get a copy and have some time. How about you? Have you played it yet? Thoughts?

        The single play is AWESOME, but it helps a lot if you know some stuff about 40 because it represents the background well (which is... er.. not common let's just say in games)

        The multiplayer is good but needs.. more. That is more maps, more game modes and the option to have newbies only.

        It's got a lot of awesome stuff... just not good for new people to get into (die A LOT).

        Then again Call of Duty 4 was C**P to play multiplayer until you've died enough times to start winning - losing 9 games in a row without doing anything is awful. I only persevered because my friends wouldn't play anything. When I could play well it was fun tho

          The customisation and jump packs are worth my constant dying - not to mention the sound of the Stalker Patern Bolter - MAN if that isn't the most satisfying sound EVER!

        Oh man - you wouldn't believe how hard that made me laugh.

        I'm the reason (also The Cracks gets credit for this) that most of the people on here bought the game - i'm fanatical! :D

        So yeah, my opinion is obviously going to be pretty biased - but it's awesome! :D lol

        So visceral. It makes Gears seem like "baby's first third person shooter".

        Also multi is simplified awesome. Provided you don't get a game that lags, that is.

        Also, i'm going to win the Chainsword comp, because i NEED to

          Fanboy :p I only bought it because I managed to trick Big W into selling it to me cheaply.

          The single player campaign really is just a lot of fun. Unpolished, a little short but damned if I didn't enjoy myself when playing.

          Haven't tried the multiplayer just yet.

            Yes - but if i hadn't been ranting about it like a madman, would you have still got it? :P lol


                Fair point! lol

                  I bought it because I love Gears of War and Starcraft Starship Troopers.

      I have it is good.

    What's your fave Batman game and movie?

      I think Arkham Asylum is the only Batman game that has done it for me. Fave movie is Batman Returns.

        This and This!

        Although you really have to admire the cheese of Forever

          Forever was interesting -- it was getting pretty cheesy and camp but it didn't get stupid. I felt Batman and Robin got stupid. having said that, I have seen it more times than I have seen any other movie. Possible ever. I don't know how that happened.

            lol, I remember at the time being jealous cos my friend got free ticks to see Batman & Robin at the cinemas....

            Really glad Rockstar didn't make any movie based games based off the Nolan reboots and did their own thing :)

    Looking for an older game... Warhammer: Mark of Chaos on PC. (Pref - Gold Edition) Anyone know where to get it? Retail nope - too old. Digital, surprised it's not listed.

        No dice Tracey.
        Dood requested the original and not the expansion pack (and on another note: wow, its been forever since I've said expansion pack and not DLC)

        No cookie for you.

          Quick ebay this seems legit.

          or this

          If your a lover of collector's editions and vanity items.

          Bowm bowm. :(

      if you live in melbourne - dick smith at Chadstone have had a few copies for $5 for the longest time

    Probably already been asked but..
    Any plans to stay on at Kotaku after Mark returns?

      This isn't up to me to decide! Talk to Mark and Danny. ;)

    Are you the person who keeps calling in hoax bomb threats to the building where I work? We had ANOTHER one today.

    If it's you, can you stop it, please? It's really annoying.

    Oh, and what's the latest on The Last Guardian. You've had another week now, I'm sure you must have dug up all sorts of interesting stuff. Like a release date.

      Truckloads of information, I have.

        If you share the info I'll buy you a Coke. Can't ask fairer than that.

          I don't drink softdrink. :P

            Well you don't have to drink it. You can keep it on your desk as a memento to remind you of the time that Braaains bought you a Coke.

      haha really? we had one today to!
      Well the burbank complex our warehouse is in, to be precise... man that was ANNOYING!

        We get them probably every month or two. Such a pain in the arse.

        Now I have fire-warden-helmet-hair.

          Wow, if we kept getting bomb threats at my work, there's no way I'd volunteer to be fire warden :)


    Why wasn't Fallout NV: Lonesome Road DLC not on PSN last night?

    Did you get much choice in your content when you were on Good Game or were you given assignments?

      4/5 stories I did were my own ideas, the other 1/5 came from the producers. I had a say in interview questions and finding the talent, but once the interviews were done and everything was filmed it was out of my hands.

    I had a question and all for this, this week and I have forgotten it :(

    Oh well, next time mebby :(

    Does anybody else smell that?

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