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You guys have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I’ll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.


    Now that Mark's back what are you going to be doing? Got any more work lined up?

    Do you know who Keyser Söze is?

      Character from The Usual Suspects? (I googled that one)

        Please stop what you are doing and go watch the Usual Suspects immediately.

          k bro I'll go watch it right now.

    How'd Mark's gender reassignment surgey go?

      Surgery, rather

      He told me he was on holiday!

    Why are you leaving us?

    *insert random overtly emotional act here*

    Where do you see Gaming in Australia going in the next 5 years? Closure of retail stores and rise of digital distribution? Streaming? Death to consoles and the rise of portable phones and tablets? Old Republic ever being released?!

    Also, how do you feel about games like Diablo 3 handling all the game logic online, so that you can't pause the game, and anyone downloading in your house affects your gameplay experience, even in singleplayer?

      I remember this being discussed two years ago when everyone was predicting the death of retail and everything moving to The Cloud. Well, 2011 is almost over and we still don't have OnLive and our game retailers don't seem to be doing terribly. So I really don't know what to expect. I'm sure digital distribution is only going to get bigger but I also believe that retailers will find a way to remain relevant (and I hope they do!).

      As for the death of consoles... umm, no. Haha, I don't think phones and tablets have the capacity to do what consoles can do, and if they do become powerful enough then I question whether they can replicate the experience that one gets with a console. It's like when everyone was panicking over consoles rendering PCs obsolete -- RTSs are still best experienced on a PC and I don't think that's going to change any time soon. Console games are still doing amazingly well and provide a gaming experience you can't get with touch pads and small screens.

      As for Diablo III, I am not familiar enough with the ins and outs of it to comment without sounding like an idiot. :P

    This is for everyone, is anyone selling ICO/SOTC yet?

      Both launch in stores across Australia on Thursday 29 September (tomorrrooooooow!).

      I'll be doing a bit of a look around at the stores in the Brisbane CBD to see if anyone breaks street date. Not sure I'll pick it up though, might just grab it off of ozgameshop.

    How has The Simpsons been treating you lately?


    Is anyone still playing "Space Marine" online?

      Ask Kotaku reader, Chuloopa. He has all answers to all things Space Marine. :P

      Thanks Tracey.

      Hell yes.

      In fact, i'm finding more games online with less lag now that at launch week.

      It is a good time to be a Space Marine.

      Further more, my exams are next week, so i was going to celebrate their end wit ha community playdate for all those interested across all platforms.

      For those who play on PC, relic have just recently released 2 consecutive patches to make the experience more enjoyable and full of less holes and exploits.

      Also, don't forget, "Exterminus" DLC is just around the corner, which is a brilliant move on Relic and THQ's part, really. I mean Gears was set to kill space marine, but holding back on this game mode has ensured that it will receive another grand kick in the form of a co-op horde-type mode.
      It will be hell fun!

        Haha, this so much felt like a live cross to Chuloopa. :)

          that's what i was going for :) lol

      I would be but they neglected a "Local Only" search function for no reason other then they don't care about Australians.

        You're still complaining about that?

          It's a basic function that should be included in all types of online matchmaking. There's no reason to not include it. I always play games with this option much longer then games without one.

            That's weird, I play games I enjoy longer than ones I don't.


            Playing Space Marine, only ~1/10 matches have been annoyingly laggy, and I've only had one match unplayable.
            It's not bad, and better than sum. Get over it.

    Given that some of the racial/perk details for Skyrim have been released, what kind of character will you be going with, if you will be playing Skyrim at all?

      Teh fat one.

    What's the latest on The Last Guardian? Whatchoo got for me, Tracey? Come on... Mark's nearly back... he always lets me down. This is your big chance to get one up on him by providing the info he never does.

    Speaking of which, have you thought about usurping his position on a permanent basis? Maybe getting his access to the building revoked, claiming his throne for yourself (after giving it a thorough cleaning, obviously)? I will support your coup if you provide me with Last Guardian info.

      Hey Braaaains! Boy do I have a HOT SCOOP for you!

      The Last Guardian: It Is A Video Game.


        It's also a handy nickname for a sporting box/cup/whatever you want to call it

        Always first with the big stories...

          This is the latest... a single new picture in the JP Special Edition...

          Normal Size -

          Stupidly Huge Size -

    Can anyone check whether Nintendo's put up Zelda Four Swords yet?

      Yes. Anyone can check that if they feel like it.

        Bah, I'll be that anyone!


    How are the Kotaku accounts coming along? Or whatever it is that you guys wanted to improve on?

      I don't know what you're talking about.

        Tad (and Ben White, I think?) were working on an accounts system to track comments and stuff.

          I seeeeee. This is a question for Ben White and Tad! I just come in and bash my hands on the keyboard (and break things) and then ben and tad have to fix it. (It is the circle of employment)

    What's the plan after you're done here?

    Will there be another blog we can follow your exploits on?

    Why is Journey coming out next year? Why is the Last Guardian perpertually delayed? Why must I wait until tomorrow as opposed to global release dates for Ico/SotC? WHY MUST SONY MAKE ME SADPANDA?

    Actual question though: What's with the differing release dates? Can't we just have global release dates as opposed to region specific ones?

      Well, considering that the OZ timezone is roughly a day ahead of the rest of the world, we're identical with the Europe release date, and a day after the American release date.

      That's not too bad, really. I can live with that. Of course, the Japanese get it a week before we do, but that's the advantage of living in the Sony motherland.

    Why does Facebook break what does not need to be broken?

      Hot tip: if you use Facebook set to a different language then the most recent update doesn't appear. I've been using French Facebook for a few years now and it's great. I have no idea what the newest update is!

    Do you agree Super Mario Galaxy defines the Nintendo Wii, Uncharted the Playstation 3, and Gears the X-Box 360?


    Hi Tracey, any chance of the Blue PS3 reaching Australia?, Thanks :)

    How much do you think they'll be selling ICO/SOTC for in store? Was going to get FIFA 12 but now I'm not so sure =(

    Now September only has 2 days left in it ... hardly the middle - do you guys know/able to find out/chase up what's happening with it - to my knowledge there has been no update and while I understand Valve Time is unique it's a bit of a slap to not even acknowledge their prediction was way off.

      6:30seconds (almost the end of the useless video)
      He says it's soon "very soon" don't know if there is more available if pushed though.

      If you're going to get mad everytime Valve leaves us in the dark about release dates, I'd imagine you'd be as angry as the hulk.

    Which Joker do you prefer? Caesar Romero, Nicholson, or Ledger?

      Nicholson! (Thought Ledger was amazing, but for different reasons.)

        Different Jokers because they were facing different Batmans.

        I think the best thing about Ledger's Joker is that it was an excellent polar opposite to Bale's Batman (and that's why Hamill is the best, because he is the perfect opposite to Conroy's Batman).

        Joker can only really be judged compared to the Batman he faces.

      I'd forgotten about Hamil, Bryce. Although I was only thinking of the Live Action Jokers.

      Nicholson? Really? He kinda annoyed me. I found it to be Jack Nicholson playing the Joker doing a Jack Nicholson impersonation.

      I think Ledger was closer to the Joker that I love, but having said that, the Joker is constantly re-inventing himself (I love the way Serious House on Serious Earth explains this.) so its hard to say who was 'more Joker'.

    So, do

    Do you think publishers will ever adjust to our demands to lower their prices for Australia?

    our dollar is probably going to remain high for a while and i can't stand being ripped off as if we are all idiots.

    e.g psn dlc prices.

      The dollar might be high, but you have to keep in mind that a high dollar doesn't just affect the games themselves -- it means it makes it more expensive to do business in Australia -- more expensive to pay distributors, to pay local marketing and PR teams, etc. There are a whole lot of factors that come into play outside of the value of the dollar.

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