Assassin's Creed Multiplay Beta Extended

The Assassin's Creed Revelations beta that was meant to run for a week from September 3 has been extended until September 17.

The beta is open to PlayStation Plus and Uplay members only — for more information, visit the ACR beta site. Everyone else will have to wait until November when Assassin's Creed Revelations is released in Australia.

Have you been playing the beta? What do you think of it? Let us know!


    Didn't even consider downloading it, the game is already on the purchase list.

    I was thinking the other day that the AC franchise is one of the big winners this gen, the first game though had massive wobbly legs after all the hype it received, but the sequel pretty much addressed all the issues. Brotherhood was another expansion of the story as this will be.

    Though really looking forward to what ACIII will be next year, seeing as the game world is set in 2012, it wouldn't be a surprise to be controlling Desmond for the whole game.


      But Brotherhoods story felt quite underbaked. Don't get wrong, I really enjoyed Brotherhood, but I am really hoping Revelations has a better story. Brotherhoods story was, in essence, Ezio seeking revenge over a dead relative, yet again. Obviously, not quite that simple, but I don't think they put enough to distinguish it from its predecessor. I am hoping that this is because of the multiplayer (which I more or less didn't touch). Now that they've implemented that, hopefully the story in revelations will be different to AC2/B and y'know, reveal stuff, as opposed to dumping more questions and mysteries onto us.

        Amazingly I don't think you really spoilt anything really, that was something that happens early on and honestly something that I forgot about throughout the story, the main thing that sticks with me was they were attacked, the stronghold was destroyed and the Apple was again lost.

        For me, I think this story certainly was an extension of what Ezio ultimately becomes, the leader of the Assassin's, by the end of the story and DLC you know that he knows the Apple isn't meant for him, but ultimately understands the need to protect it.

        That's what the Assassin's did, protect it over time, the Apple sat untouched for 500 years until that annoying ending.

        I'm hoping Revelations will explain the ending of Brotherhood and where Desmond sits at the moment. Supposedly it will also tie in links with Altair also, but I know I am going to be disappointed because they will do another cliffhanger in prep for ACIII.

          True, but that's what I meant by in essence. Yeah, Ezio became the Big Boss of the Assassins and whatnot, but I couldn't help but be annoyed at the whole borgia kills family member, ezio wants revenge and needs to get the apple. I've been meaning to get the DLC, but I think it cost something stupid. Was it worth it, storywise?

            It's not essential playing, but basically Leonardo is studying and believes he finds another temple, which he does and it forced to show the baddies where it is.

            You track down some paintings that Leonardo painted codes on and then go to save him.

            Once saved, you and him continue through the temple and to find another Tron like room. A message is played and at the end Ezio just walks Leonardo out saying something like "This wasn't meant for us"

            The main question that comes up is the message relays a set of co-ordinates, which by using Google maps points to a place in NY, USA.

            More specific is -

            At this time, it's all speculation as too what this means, but that's how it ends.

              Basically this. You can watch the 3 minute ending sequence and get all the story you need in terms of retaining continuity.

              SPOILER: The ending:


    I haven't been playing it recently because I thought it was running longer than that!! *immediately starts PS3* (The_Pariah if you see me on there)

    So long as it has a "local only" search function, I don't care about the beta.

    my interactions with the Assassin's Creed:

    hype=>my interest peaks=>purchase=>awesome start=>bored halfway through=>trade in=>hype of sequel=>my interest peaks=> etc

    I don't know what it is but once i get into it i've found the AC games really really repetitive and I can't be bother finishing it. The second one held my interest longer than the first, but by the end the story just couldn't hold me. Love the idea, but perhaps the execution (no pun intended) could be better. the drip feeding of skills for instants really dragged for me.

    Can't wait for this, couldn't care less about the MP, just love the whole story. Some great twists, especially in the end of brotherhood

    AC Multiplayer just feels like Dead Space 2 Multiplayer - entirely unnecessary, and actually quite shallow and repetitive.

    It's like they just chuck multiplayer in because everything else has it these days.

      AC Multiplayer is actually pretty good. Shallow and repetitive? What the hell do you call most FPS games then?

      It's something different, unique from the other MP games on consoles. They took out the gun in Revelations MP and the game is Much better for it. On a whole other level to most other games.

      Shallow and repetitive? HA!!!

    I've been playing this and rather enjoying it. I think it's a vast improvement on the Brotherhood multiplayer, especially when it comes to map size. There are still some issues I have with how long it takes to join a game sometimes, but it's still better than waiting for 5-10 minutes for a single game in Brotherhood. However, I think part of the enjoyment has to be based on the individual players you're playing against. It's really no fun to play against morons who run everywhere and don't even try to be stealthy, but it's heaps of fun playing against intelligent, crafty opponents who can kill you without ever making themselves known.

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