Bastion’s Creator Says There’ll Be No DLC For The Game

Bastion’s Creator Says There’ll Be No DLC For The Game

The widely acclaimed action RPG Bastion will not be getting any DLC–at least DLC that extends the story–the game’s developer said in an interview.

“We have no plans to extend the game in that way,” Greg Kasavin, the game’s writer and creative director, told The Morton Report. “As I was saying before, we held nothing back. It’s meant to be a complete story, so there are no obvious extensions.”

Kasavin said his studio, Supergiant Games, will still support Bastion post-release and “I guess you could call something like the Portal turrets DLC,” but seemed pretty definite no more content was planned.

“We’re probably going to go dark here in the sense that our game is out there and whatever we do next probably isn’t going to happen for a while,” Kasavin said later in the interview, which further indicates that Supergiant has moved on from Bastion.

This came from the second of two parts of a wide-ranging interview in which Kasavin discusses much more about the game, its development and reception.

Interview: Supergiant Games’ Greg Kasavin on Bastion (Part Two) [The Morton Report]

Interview: Supergiant Games’ Greg Kasavin on Bastion (Part One) [The Morton Report]


  • This is disappointing. I really dug what they did with the game. I would have liked to see some DLC, especially considering I felt like I tore through new game+.

    Even some more ‘who knows where’s would be cool.

    Although I guess I could always do it all again with all 10 idols. *shudder*

    • Think I ran 8 idols on my New Game+. All 10 is a challenge especially when you forget that you have them on and goes to who knows where.

      • I found the last two to be annoyingly redundant. The one that turns enemies to air, and the random attack reflect. They also seem to proc more often in +

      • I found the last two to be annoyingly redundant. The one that turns enemies to air, and the random attack reflect. They also seem to proc more often in +

  • DLC is a blight on the gaming community. It’s just a way milk the consumer for more cash by making them pay for byte sized content (pun intended). At least retail expansion packs, they contained far more than a couple of maps and missions. The longer it goes on the worse it seems to get.

    And companies with day one DLC are clearly ripping off customers to get them to pay a premium above and beyond the game’s cost.

    • Completely agree! I hate DLC. Games are stories. Having multiple endings and never-ending DLC cheapens the story imo.

      When I played Witcher 2, I finished it really fast and was disappointed. Everyone online tells me to replay it with different choices. But those were my choices, it’s my story, why would I want to change my story?

      And DLC does the same thing. The ending of Bastion was perfect. We don’t need any more “story”.

    • Rubbish. Don’t buy what doesn’t give you what you want. There’s plenty of decent DLC out there that adds hours to games out there.

      It’s not like you _have_ to buy everything, you know.

      • Publisher: Here, buy our great new book.
        You: Okay
        *buys book*
        *reads and enjoys book*

        Publisher: Here, buy the last chapter to our book! The chapter that closes the story you paid for and are now emotionally invested in!

    • Until developers start releasing DLC in order to play the main game, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.

      Besides, we could always do what Capcom does by releasing the same game with extra characters!

    • Most DLC is a blight, but not all. I think there are two right ways to go about it – really big or really small.
      A lot of the time even though (to take somebody else’s example) you’ve finished reading the book, you still want more. It might not be a whole new book, but it might be a novella. That’s the kind of scope a big DLC should cover, otherwise you’re moving into new game territory. You can probably liken these to expansion packs. For a 40-hour game, I reckon a good piece of DLC would go for about 10.
      The other option is to go really small. Microtransactions for small cosmetic benefits that you can use to, say, differentiate yourself in an online game. But they have to be suitably priced.
      The stuff I feel like doesn’t work at all as DLC is the “add-on” missions, particularly Bioware’s stuff. Mass Effect and Dragon Age both suffered from DLC missions where all you did was visit some abandoned zone and picked up free loot, or something that goes for about an hour. This is rubbish. Absolute rot.
      Likewise, “compulsory” or “day-one” DLC is a scourge (ie. the final chapter of the book). Finish the game and move on, don’t try to milk out more by withholding something necessary. Deliver a finished product, not something incomplete, even if it does help you track pirates.

  • DLC is awesome. it allows developers to finish a title then expand upon it. yes some companies are absolute c*nts when it comes to this (mortal combat dlc comes to mind)

    but then you have companies like rockst*r and bethesda that really add a whole heap to already awesome games.

    its a real grey area but hey if theyre gonna spend 4-6 years on an engine and game hell yeah id rather wait a few months for some new polished content, rather than another x amount of years and another hype engine surrounding it.

    go dlc! (or better yet full expansions)

    • How is the DLC in Mortal Kombat bad? You’re not forced to buy them to play the game, and the original game has plenty of kontent to keep you occupied for a long time (each character requires 24 hours of playtime). It’s not like Ultimate Marvel Versus Capcom where you’re forced to buy it at full retail price in order to play the game.

      The only negative thing about Mortal Kombet DLC is that it’s not available to Australians and we have to cheat our way to download them.

  • It’s not like ALL dlc is just a cheap add-on. Take Old World Blues, Dead Money and the Mass Effect addons. Which is good.

    Then there is the Capcom ‘dlc’… Different costumes… Which is bad.

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