Batman: Arkham City's New Joker-Centric Trailer Has The Last Laugh

The Riddler and The Penguin may get increased stage time in Batman: Arkham City, but the latest trailer for Rocksteady's upcoming game is all about our old friend The Joker. Looking quite a bit the worse for wear after his misadventures in Arkham Asylum, the J-Man sounds like he's enacting another big, complicated plan to ensnare the Bat. Big surprise, that.

Also featured: a healthy dose of Harley Quinn's accent, some giant goon named "Mr. Hammer", and some fairly serious-looking lava and explosions.

Batman: "There's nothing wrong with you."

Joker: "Nice of you to say, but you of all people should know, there's plenty wrong with me."


    Might want to avoid this trailer if you have an eagle eye - villain alligences which i am assuming are central to the plot can be found in 1-2 seconds of the trailer...

      Are you talking about the name of the factory? Or something else?

        No - more like seeing the villain in the flesh with another villain that you wouldn't say go together until you start putting the pieces together in your head...

          What? So you're not talking about Black Mask?

            Spoiler -

              That's not a spoiler... Rocksteady announced that the girl from Castle is doing her voicework.

                Thats not the spoiler - the spoiler is what that person can offer the other villain.

      This is like pointing at your head to say someone is "mental". Instead of being discreet you're drawing more attention to it.

    Harley sounds wrong. Needed Arleen Sorkin.
    Still can't come soon enough though.

      I thought it sounded good - while i admit it wasn't the same voice but i think it comes pretty close to Asylum...

      I reckon Tara Strong did quite a good job with it. Although that could just be my Brony Goggles talking =P

      It's not Arleen Sorkin? Why the frak is she not doing the voice?

    1:13 - what is up with his eyes?

    Reminds me of the HUSH series of comics, where Batman almost kills Joker and laments that there is nothing wrong with the Joker that the B-man can't fix with his hands (said as he's strangling the Joker).

    Hamill and Sorkin are the perfect Joker and Harley... I wonder why she didn't return.

    Not that the new voice is poor at all, it's actually a really good rendition. I can just tell the difference is all ;-P

    I can't wait for this.

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