Battlefield 3 At TGS, What A Difference A Month Makes

Battlefield 3 At TGS, What A Difference A Month Makes

The last time I played Battlefield 3 on the PS3, it had some problems. But that was the game’s co-op mode! The game’s singleplayer code is looking a lot healthier.

The demo available at the Tokyo Game Show is a level we haven’t played before, a singleplayer mission that involves storming an apartment building at night. The structure of the mission is pretty simple: run down a hill, set up a mortar (sadly, you can’t control it), shoot everyone outside the building then shoot everyone inside the building.

Nearly all the issues the PS3’s co-op mode was suffering from at Gamescom, like poor frame rate and major glitches, were absent here, the mission chugging along nicely despite a ton of effects going off and enemies appearing – and dying – where they should instead of flickering in and out of existence.

If you’re expecting this to look like the PC version, or even close to it, you’ll be disappointed. It’s clear the console versions won’t come near the kind of fidelity the PC in 2011 is capable of. But that’s OK, and totally understandable: the PS3 is, after all, 2006 hardware.

What I liked about this mission’s visuals, then, is the decision deveopers DICE took with what they were going to compromise. The PS3 version is jaggy, noticably and unavoidably so, but what it loses in clarity it makes up for with the full range of effects. All the smoke, fire and clouds of dirt that bring the game world to life were there and looking great, and at the end of the day if things have to compromised then that’s the way I’d like it to shake down.

Better a jaggy and exploding world than a clear and sterile one!


  • ” It’s clear the console versions won’t come near the kind of fidelity the PC in 2011 is capable of. But that’s OK, and totally understandable: the PS3 is, after all, 2006 hardware.”

    This comment right here, says it all.

  • Zealots who argue over the PC/console being BETTER are only disadvantaging themselves.

    Sometimes it’s OK to just enjoy a game for what it is, on whatever platform(s) it’s available for.

    • i agree with this even though im a PC player, however most people i know always claim consoles are better because you spend around 400$ and thats it, but then youve got the more expensive games (10$ more but its stacks up) and then there is all the peripherals. Unfortunately we will never hear the end of an agrument that PC is better than consoles and vice versa but i guess we all have a right to our own opinions. i will say i do prefer PC though

      • People don’t factor in the HD TV either though, even though you use it for movies etc its still part of the expense not seperate. you could say the PC for games and movies, music internet etc overall is actually cheaper or the same and runs with more effects a higher resolution. At the end of the day people make an argument in favour of the answer they want.
        My Attitude is JUST LOVE GAMING! talk about the game not the machine everybody.

  • I’m just happy that “some” studios are still designing for PC’s.

    Hopefully the PC sales will prick some studio ears up. COME ON PC COMMUNITY PULL OUT YOUR WALLETS.

    • Unfortunately we’ll probably have a whole lot of idiots boycotting and torrenting it for various reasons, such as “Wah wah, the DLC gives an unfair advantage” or “Wah wah, I misinterpreted the Origin terms of service and believe that it’s the devil”.

  • The DLC isn’t too bad anyway is it? Like you can unlock the same guns just by playing normally? For me the unlocking is the best part of these shooters, so TBH, I think I’d prefer to have them locked and have to work for them.

  • Fuck I love DICE so much. Thank you for finally creating a game intended for PC and then scaling it back for our cheaper console gaming brethren.

    For once the game will not be held back by outdated hardware. I don’t even like the battlefield series, but for that single reason I pre-ordered to show my support.

    Hopefully Sony/MS will come to their senses soon and start working on new consoles with hardware from this decade

    • Couldn’t agree more with your comment. I’m not a PC gamer but I believe it is wrong to intentionally hold back a platform that is more technologically advanced.

      The thing I hate is all the PC kids coming out and tea bagging us console gamers because our platforms are not as powerful. It’s like driving a Ferrari and flipping the bird at everyone else because their cars suck. The reality is everyone thinks a person like that is a giant douche.

      • Us pc gamers are usually too busy having a life rather than tea bagging console owners…we leave that to themselves.

        The only time I get upset with the whole console pc argument is the fact that so many games are dumbed down for us because of the toy market.

  • This game seems more like a PC game. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I’ve found it’s always better to focus developing a game on one or the other. I’ve played bad PC ports and bad console ports.
    Wasn’t that the whole point of the Bad Company series? To develop a Battlefield game for the consoles while the PC crowd gets the Battlefield games?

    • Really? “I’ve found it’s always better to focus developing a game on one or the other”
      What was this game that you developed on one system and not the other…I would love to play it….

    • I believe (though it’s sure possible I’m wrong) that BF3 was developed from the ground up for both PC and consoles simultaneously instead of PC -> [port] -> console.. (?)

  • To be honest, as a gamer from 20+ years back, growing up playing the PC games I did really wasn’t anything like the hobby I have now. Without context that statement appears redundant but it’s only within the last year that I’ve delved back into the PC platform for gaming.

    Consoles have always been a very big part of my experience. That said, not being from a well to do family, there was no hope in hell of me using a “family” PC for anything let alone games. Consoles were convenient, relatively cheap pack-away machines that suited my situation to a tee. I saved, I bought, I played.

    Nowadays I’m a grown man with some expendable income which over time has netted me some decent equipment.

    Buying a half decent laptop about 2 years ago has allowed me to explore PC gaming from a more mature angle. There is a lot that confuses me. But I try…

    There has never been any doubt in my mind that PC are a superior platform in most aspects but the PS3 (for which I have pre-ordered Battlefield 3) does alright. I won’t buy for 360 as all my existing squadies are on the Sony and well, my Laptop just won’t cut it…

    Unfortunately, upgrading or building a new system isn’t within my means for the near foreseeable future but there are a ton of other games I can enjoy on my laptop (Arkham Asylum is one to note).

    If I could expect to have a good enough rig to run B3 to its potential then that would be my platform of choice. That’s what Battlefield has always been about.

    I’m not going to lose any sleep over my limitations though, as I will be loving every damned minute of B3 on the PS3.

    Actually on second thought I’ll probably lose a lot of sleep…

    End drunk/

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