Battlefield 3 Expansions Hit PS3 First

The Xbox 360 might be getting Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 expansion packs first, but the PS3 gets Battlefield 3 ones first.

The publisher said today that beginning with Battlefield 3 expansion Back to Karkand, all "full-blown upcoming expansion packs" for the game will appear one week early exclusively on the PS3, brought to you by Sony.

Battlefield 3 Expansions to Hit PS3 First, Open Beta on PSN 9/29 [Playstation Blog]


    I thought this was against M$ T&Cs.

      As an alternative, maybe the week of exclusivity is a week before the launch of the game. Lol.

      I'm pretty sure that's only for stand-alone games like Arcade and Indie games.

    One week is nothing, but it's fun to see the tit-for-tat marketing campaign is still alive and well between Sony/MS and EA/Activision.

    And the only people that lose are the consumers. These games between microsoft and sony must come to an end, google must by both and send a bombardment of ads to all their products!

      oh please do not let google enter the gaming area. they would do far more damage than ms did.

    Pffft!!! Consoles.... If your not playing battlefield 3 on PC your doing it wrong

    One week? ONE WEEK? Why the hell would they bother forking over ANY money for one week? Surely the only reason they would is so hopefully they get the rabid fanboys on consoles to switch from 360 to PS3 but if it is only one week what is the point?

    Sony wasted money, 360 and PC users lose...

    So much for "We want to make a true Battlefield 2 experience for PC users. We want to make them feel like we care". Console's get dlc first, what a joke...

    For one, I am happy our console comrades get their share of firsts like this. As long as it remains from the hands of those greasy PC whingers he he he.

    Salute! *throws back vodka*

      Da tovarish...

      It is good.
      *also throws back vodka*

        I'm going to go over here.... With my 63 other friends, you can stay over there with your 23 friends and smaller maps and an expansion pack that I already get straight up for pre ordering, but it's ok because you get a whole extra week to realize that a mouse is better

          Have fun.

          My 23 friends and I will be crowding around my big ass tele, which I could afford by not having to continously update my hardware.

            Oh I have one of those too, but I usually keep it for football, movies and spacemarine... And maybe some random David Attenborough doco's.... And family guy... Can't forget that... But BF3 will be played were it belongs, on a pc

              But I digress, I don't think anyone actually cares about this, what's a week anyway? I wonder bow much it cost Sony to secure

    Does anybody really give a **** about this? Whether it's 1 week for BF3 or 1 month for COD, who really cares?

    why isn't pc getting dlc first??? who cares about money, whos the hardcore audience, give it to ps3 and pc same time a delay the 360 dlc :D

    This is a load of bullsh*t. All platforms should get it at the same time.

    Before everyone rages, lets see what the expansion is first. If it's crappy and tacked on, then everyone would've raged for nothing!

    waaaaaa take your a.d.h.d pills and eat some vegetables.

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