Battlefield 3 Has 99 Problems, But A Bitch Ain't One

In this teaser trailer for a full length ad to run on US television from September 27, rapper Jay-Z explains that while Battlefield 3 does have (at least) "99 Problems", not one of those problems is a bitch. And here we were all worried!

But when EA's Battlefield team teases something, there's generally something interesting waiting on the other end. My guess? Jay-Z is lying to us, and one of Battlefield 3's problem is indeed bitches.


    The author massively screwed up this article.

    Didn't even take two minutes to understand the underlying message of WHY they picked that song and what it actually MEANS.

      Given that Jay-Zs cover is a pale imitation of the Ice T original I'm a bit scared to think what it means.

    what a terrible trailer just makes me not want to purchase the game. wish they would just concentrate on making awesome ones like the Caspian Sea on instead of trash talking MW3.

    so battlefield 3 is Fiddy (50) cent to Modern warfares eminem?
    Bring back more of that distorted industrial music that was in the Caspian sea please.
    It evokes the gritty reality of combat, unlike this trailer which evokes wearing pants that don't fit so well.
    so the underlying message is "my apologies good sir, I am too busy pawning noobs to have concerns for the fairer sex"

    And if you don't get the fiddy cent reference you really should play bad company 2

      Hahaha that was great, thanks for linking.

    I can't wait for this game, but if its like previous Dice releases it will in fact have 99 problems on day one.. CTD's incoming!

    what the hell was this about? but yeah like posted above, BF3 will have 99 problems on day one. shotgun snipers, lawl.

      Agree. Bad marketing.

    I don't need Jay-Z to convince me to buy a video game. Least of all Battlefield 3. This shit is locked in yo.

    A brilliant social commentary on how female soldiers should not serve on the front line. :P

    BF3 can't come soon enough.

    Id say its a reference to the noobs complaining about the beta

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