Battlefield 3 Has Magical Tanks

I didn't notice this during my time with the game last month, because I was either rolling along blissfully or exploding disgracefully, but EA's upcoming Battlefield 3 has magic tanks.

And they are magic, because they're capable of doing something no actual tank has ever been capable of: healing themselves. Yes, in Battlefield 3 tanks (and any other armoured vehicle for that matter) can, if "lightly damaged", take cover away from enemy fire for a while and, if they don't get hit again, recover their health. Just like the infantry can.

Developers DICE say it's "our way of giving smart non-Engineers a fighting chance to keep his vehicle in the battle", but there'll be some — no doubt those waiting in line back at a spawn point for a tank to blow up — who will be less enthused.

Battleblog #9: Online vehicle warfare refined [Battlefield]


    But that makes Engineers (my favourite class!) less useful... lame. Very lame.

      I imagine they wont heal as fast as infantry.
      And they did say heal from light damage.
      So if your tanks on fire I dont imagine you can park it and wait for it to repair.

      Yeah I can just imagine some jerk in the tank hiding behind a building most of the game waiting for it to heal because he picked the sniper class.

      I dare say engineers will still kick ass, great class give me an ak74 and a x4 scope anyday

      I'm sure if some douche wont get out of the tank then you are entitled to detpack or AT mine the shit out of him, one of the perks of being an engineer :P

        I like your thinking.

    the regen will not bring a low health tank back to full. if the tank is at 30% (give or take) it wont regen any health and will require an engineer. the regen is also rather slow, just the player health regen in bad company ie medics were able to quickly restore health in like 5 sec where the natural health regen took close to 30sec to get back to 100%

    Hopefully this doesn't apply to hardcore mode.

    Would've been a less alarmist article if Luke had included the point that past a certain health point, tanks will not regen anymore.

      That would have be journalism there, well all know Luke simply copy-pastas articles without improving on them.

        Your both f*cking morons

          That's "you're", not "your" you moron.

      I thought that was pretty obvious with the "if lightly damaged" part.

        yeah i got that too lol i dunno what these guys are on about

    Didn't the tanks in 'C&C Generals' come with repair drones for healing themselves?

      The USA tanks had drones you could buy that would follow a tank around and heal it. Also the GLA had a passive vehicle repair upgrade that slowly healed all vehicles, this looks more like that.

    doesnt scare me.

    the healing does NOT fully heal. the vehicle heals to a certain point an that is all. once a vehicle is also disabled, the vehicle will NOT heal at all. engineers are still as valuable as ever.

    Will be interesting to see how this goes down, and whether it'll open a whole new breed of tank campers. They do say light damage though, so it might not be so bad.... hopefully :P

    While no current vehicle can do this, there is research going on that would make this mostly possible. Also the vehicles would have a crew that could do some repairs.

    I dont think this really counts as magic, technology that we dont have deployed yet, but not magic.

    Also on the subject of magic, Defibrillators fix bullet wounds?

    Also as mentioned before after a certain point the vehicle becomes unable to move or heal (but still shoot) until an engineer fixes it. Now we can revive tanks.

    I hope they do something to give ground troops a decent chance against helicopter gunships.

    It sh*ts me to death in BC2 when some guy has an Apache and just circles around raining death down on the players below. First thing they do is take out the AA gun (if you're lucky enough to have one to begin with) at which point you're screwed because they go circling around too fast and the tracer darts/rockets are too slow.

      oh dear...

      That would be "FIM-92 Stinger" and "SA-18 IGLA"

      FIM-92 Stinger is a portable anti-air missile launcher that was developed in 1970s, and entered service in 1981. The Stinger has been used in a variety of conflicts and is still in use today across the world.

      I never had a problem with this. I see it as an opportunity, as I love shooting down choppers with the engineer guided launcher (M136AT4). These days a lot of ppl are good with those and most choppers dont last long, unless its a really skilled pilot, in which case they deserve the pwnage they dish out.

    BF2 had it worse.

    They had infinite repair/ammo tanks because of engineer and support giving area of effect repairs/ammo.

    Tanks on BF3 also can catch fire and burn out after 50%.

    In the beta, tanks could also jump & swim.


    I think it means if the tank were to, for example, flip over (!?) and take minor damage, it would recover. Not from another tank shell or RPG, just very minor damage.

    Smart non-medics have autoheal too. Medics aren't so smart anymore are they?

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