World's Best Battlefield 3 Players To Fight For $1.6 Million In Cash

When Battlefield 3 comes out next month there will no doubt be a lot of competition between players to see who can make it to the top of the ladder, but now there's even more incentive to master the game: EA are launching an international competition with $1.6 million of cash and prizes to win.

EA, DICE and Virgin are buddying up for the Battlefield 3 Worldwide Conquest Tournament, kicking off sometime in 2012. Details are still a little vague about the when, where and how you might get paid, but it looks like you’ll have to sign up for Virgin Gaming if you’re serious about competing. The 2012 start date gives players at least three months with the game before they have to put their skills to the test against other players.

The tournament will be run online and registration is open now for Xbox 360 and PS3 users.

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    With the way i play i'd be lucky if i don't end up owing THEM!

      HAHAHA.. mee too~!

      I was so bad a a round of Gears3 last night when the stats came up at the end of the round, they took money off me!!! so yeah, we would just be target practice.

    Competitive console gaming lol ?

    Given the natural advantage PC gamers would have over their console counterparts, I'm not surprised that the Tournament completely omits them.

      It's kinda like saying the worlds best runners have a natural advantage so we are going to make a running tournament for those ranked 10000th to 10100th

        Have fun using Origin. . . It's fail like Origin and Steam that hold PC back. I'll take my free PSN any day.

        PC gamer's are just sad because you have to buy a new graphics card every time a new game comes out.

          The good thing about the PSN is that they have tight security!
          PC gaming is still much better than console... BTW - 64 player maps FTW????
          AND you can get PC games a whole lot cheaper from steam than from say EB GAMES + all the mad sales.
          That my opinion anyways ;)

          It's funny, XBL and PSN are essentially Origin, the only difference is you don't have a choice to opt out.

          As for steam holding back PC gaming your hilarious.

          and if your buying a new Graphics card everytime a game comes out maybe you should stop hitting your old one with a hammer.

          To be honest, PSN and Xbox Live are probably equal with Steam. Except you can't opt out of it and it is required to be online.

          And in regards to the constant buying of graphic cards:

          /deep breath

          You don't need to as majority of games these days don't need uber massive graphics thanks to your 'superior' graphics that are more than 3 generations old?

          Weird cos my old HD4850 is still running BF3 beta just fine on low to medium settings. Graphics do scale on PC you know.

    World's best battlefield 3 players???
    More like world's best battlefield 3 console players... :/

    "World’s Best Battlefield 3 Players To Fight For $1.6 Million In Cash"...then the origin program will hack there system to take the money back "ho-ho-ho"

    At least they're not taking money from Activision to put Modern Warfare 3 on it.

    So that's where all our money from DLC is going towards..

    *Fixed* World’s Best Casual Battlefield 3 Players To Fight For $1.6 Million In Cash

    Got to love the PC master race comments.

    Not even going to bother entering myself, but would be cool to watch :)

      Considering the game has been and is primarily a PC title that has been ported to the consoles, I think some surprise (or lack of) that PC gamers have been excluded is understandable.

        it is their elitist attitude. leave that rubbish for other websites and keep it off kotaku please. otherwise i'll have nowhere to read forums.

        is this because virgin gaming doesn't do PC gaming? this is a virgin thing

    cant wait for BF3!!! I'll be taking holidays the week it comes out! lol

    this 1-upping by EA and Dice to try and best activision is quite sad.

      virgin promo

    That's actually $35,000 after taxes in the US.

    Make a great PC shooter.
    Host tournament on consoles.


    Sounds like a way to get more people to install Origin onto their pcs so EA can claim that all consumers are happy to use their dodgy game management system (and price increase for Australian players).

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