Battlefield 3's Beta On The 360 Is EXPENSIVE

With the clock having just ticked over to September 29, eager users are reporting that a link to download the Battlefield 3 beta on the Xbox 360 is up. And looking a little worse for wear. Namely, that only executives, rap stars and professional athletes will be able to afford to download it.

A glitch on Microsoft's end has priced the beta at 4294967295 points. Or, in US Dollars, $US53,687,091.19.

Probably because the link isn't supposed to be live yet, and this will deter people from getting it early, but still. We'd love to see somebody throw down the cash just to see what happens.

[Thanks everyone who sent this in, and thanks Trmn8r for the pic!]


    Still no signs of the beta here in Perth. Anyone have any luck?

      Not here in Sydney...Yet :P

        Thats because it isn't released till 10pm AEST

      yeh im in perth as well... it better be coming soon im so pumped :P

      Yeah I'm in Perth too haha, got pretty excited when I saw this post, but nah it's still not up yet. :/

    that's probably the development cost of the game

      FYI this number is an uninitialised 32bit (or 4 byte on most architectures) unsigned integer type in memory:

      (2^32)-1 = 4,294,967,295

      or 0xFFFFFFFF in hexadecimal.

      Barely newsworthy. Luke Plunkett, please leave Kotaku.

        Oh come on, I know it's not exactly ground breaking news, but it's still rather funny.

    Thats EA for ya...

      Maybe they outsourced to Activision?

    I dunno, the beta has left me feeling quite underwhelmed. Perhaps the play style isn't quite for me

    Can Kotaku AU please filter out anything by Luke Plunkett - everything he has posted lately has been trite rubbish.
    Is he a journalist at all or just a forwarder of user-submitted links?

      Seriously what is your problem?

      Luke Plunkett is one of my favourites at Kotaku Australia. He puts his personality into what he writes & thats the kind of stuff I like to read.

      If you don't like the articles nobody's forcing you to read them.

      Or to comment on them, for that matter.

      All Kotaku has is people who surf the net and sites like reddit and whore out stuff from them every hour. With people like Brian Ashcraft making typos every article, I don't think they care about the quality, or news-worthyness of something. He even made an article about a game demo for christ sake.

    Wait wait wait.... you have to PAY to play the BETA??? Yeah nah cbf even raging, going back to tales of symphonia.

    4294967295 is FFFFFFFF in hex. That is a lot of Fs.

    Beta is free, and will go live at 10pm aest (or thats when it should)

    Anyone else notice that this number is 2^32-1?

      If one had that amount to spare it would be interesting to see if a transaction of that size would really work... :-)

    Wait.... you have to PAY for a Beta?

      Of course not... how could you honestly think that EA is charging $53 million for a beta?

    It appears to be M$'s way of preventing access to code only items (same thing for the Stig Pack on Forza 3).

    So it seems XBL uses an unsigned int to store the values... interesting.

      Clearly your definition of "interesting" differs from mine :P

    Haha been playing the beta since yesterday...and so far I actually enjoy the game...though for console its not really geared towards it but yeah...I'm getting it for PC anyways, just got the early access due to having MoH on my 360

      You say it as if you're surprised that you enjoy it? IT'S BATTLEFIELD!!

    They gotta pay the marketing fee somehow, right?

    I would love to see someone making up that amount with Xbox LIVE point cards and inputting all the codes.

    is this enough to charge MS with RAPE!?

    I'd love to see someone with tonnes of cash just buy that many MS points and then try to buy the Beta. Wonder if Live would fail?

    Aren't just got booted from my game and now there's an update in progress. In come the flood of noobs!

    It's to pay for Greece, Germany bought Greece last year and now they want to sell it to the US.

    Its live now on 360 and Ps3, ba ba baa ba bum!

    Atleast Bill Gates can afford it

    Argh, I'm trying to play but all I get is a black screen when joining a game. Anyone else getting this?

    At last! An excuse to use the 5000000000 point card I bought the other day.

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