Battlefield 3's Latest TV Spot Goes 'Above And Beyond The Call'

As promised last week, EA delivers the full version of its "99 Problems" Battlefield 3 TV spot today, unveiling never-before-seen gameplay footage and a new tagline aimed right between Modern Warfare 3's eyes.

At this point we've accepted that Battlefield 3 looks gorgeous, so we'll not harp on the visuals. Instead, let's turn our attention to the new tagline at the end of this TV spot. It reads "Above and Beyond the Call", an obvious dig at Call of Duty, the Activision franchise EA hopes to unseat as king of the military online first-person shooters.

How should Call of Duty fans react? I'd suggest measured, focused rage. Don't fly off the handle; stay firmly planted on the handle and toss your vicious retorts with military precision.

As for Activision, I'm hoping the company reveals the new tagline for Modern Warfare 3 to be "F**k Battlefield in Its Stupid Ass", which is probably why I'm not in marketing.


    More power to anyone willing to piss in Activision's cheerios.

    Ugh why must they use fucking rap. it was bad enough in CoD4 but now it seems like everyone one is using rap/hiphop/R&B

      TBH I didn't mind it, considering I'm not even a fan of the genre.

      It's what I hear troops listening to when on deployment. I guess they're just trying to reinforce realism.

      +1 disgusting music is disgusting.

      I agree 100% they need to put in a heavy metal song or something. metallica or opeth/underoath...

        they want people to buy the game, not scare them off with 45 year old alcoholics screaming into a microphone.

    QQ thyco. It's just a trailer, don't get your panties in a knot.

    Looks good regardless. Can't wait to get my hands on the beta tonight when it drops at 10pm. :)

    whilst I like the track maybe not the best message to attach to their new game. "I've got 99 problems..."

      Hehe, reminds me of this 300 poster:

    i think the 99 problems is a piss take on cod.

    regardless, i've said it before and i will say it again, screw craptivision and their arrogant, money whoring ways.

    what have they ever given back to you, loyal fan?

    I love the smell of impartiality in the morning

    If EA/DICE are so sure that BF3 is going to knock CoD off it's throne then why all the smack talk? Why not let the product do it all on it's own?

      Well if you even have a killer game, wouldn't you market it aggressively against a franchise that is instantly recognisable?

      Because 90% of success is in marketing.

        Look at the iPhone.

        Of course good marketing means success but why does it have to be constant jabs at the opponent? Why not advertise the merits of your own product instead of creating ads that are the equivalent of schoolyard taunts.

        I'm also getting the distinct feeling that if Activision were doing this they'd be getting flamed for being stupid and immature.

          Who cares it's f*cking hilarious to watch! Quit your crying and get a sense of humour.

          Because of that exact reason, COD is their opponent, they're not exactly going to trash talk some other random game.

          "Battlefield 3: BETTER THAN MARIO KART!!!"

            But why trashtalk in the first place? Ever since it's first announcement EA and the BF fanbois placed heavy emphasis on how much more adult and mature they were than the CoD crowd but so far it's been nothing but more childish behaviour; whether it's these ads, the ridiculous cod domain bs or just online commentary in general. If anything the BF side have proven to be more childish though I pin this more on Bad Company 1 and 2 bringing mouth-breathers into the mix of the BF population.

    Holy. Crap.

    Dice's audio team are amazing.

      Yeah, it's an amazing mix.

    wtf soundtrack

    The jets scenes look so awesome (albeit slow). And I love Above & Beyond! :D

    So Kanye played a live set at CoDXp,
    Jay Z and Kanye Released an Album,
    Jay Z appears on a Battlefield 3 advert blatantly dissing CoD.

    What an interesting situation! I hope it starts a hip hop turf war.

    isnt the whole point of this article the tagline not the music? otherwise i agree with the majority of posts below....rap is so overused these days....

    99 Problems and a patch day one.

    (Beta starts soon so excited)

      I thought it would've been '99 problems but CoD ain't one' and Modern Warfare 3 would be '99 glitches and a patch day one'.

    It certainly appears that there's a chance Battlefield will turn out to be more of an adult's game, and closer to how things would be in real life, while CoD gets left to the adhd kiddies.

    Yeah that's an awesome video, i've watched it a dozen times.

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