Battlefield 3's PC And, Ahem, PS3 Versions Compared

It's OK to laugh, you know.

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    hahaha best comparison, ever.

    Ooh man... is that Ace? I loved Ace and Ace 2 on the C64 back in the day. Aaaahhh, nostalgia.

    Funny they did that using PS3 instead of xbox when we all clearly know which console is superior

      Lol, the xbox version would be a text based game :P

        ASCII based

        You see an enemy soldier ahead would you like to:

        A) Shoot
        B) Hide

      Funnily enough, PS3 seems to rarely, if ever, come out on top with multiplatform titles. Lighting, textures, resolution, framerate, AA etc all seem to generally end up better on 360. Some examples off the top of my head are Red Dead Redemption, Bayonetta, DXHR, Batman AA and NFS Shift.

      So for all that fancy hardware it doesn't end up meaning much when it comes to multiplatform titles.

        oh chazz. chazzy boy, chazz mate. chazzaaaa.

        Depends on the engine they use. Xbox is more similar to PC so if the engine they used is geared towards that the Xbox would need less fiddling around than the PS3 version.

        BTW all the games you listed were pretty much focused on being developed for the 360 too.

          I do not mean to be rude, but the Xbox 360 is more like the PS3 and Wii - all three consoles have a PPC based processors.

          While the Cell in the PS3 is a different processor, it still has its roots in PPC and even has a PPC core for running operating systems on it.

        I'd love to see the XBox do anything as close to the spectacular that was God of War 3. :)

          I'd like to see anyone other than PS fanbois who care :P

        PC is better than both, so it dose not really matter if the 360 is better than the PS3 dose it.

          A PC is better than both consoles? SPANK ME! I should whipe the dust off my AMD 286 and turn that turbo button to 16Mhz!

        Funnily enough, BF3 will have better visuals on PS3 than Xbox 360.

          And what makes you think that?

          Bad Company 2 was better on 360, the vast majority of multi-platform games are better on 360...odds are BF3 will be better on 360...

            Gee Chaz. Why you trying so hard? =P

              He IS right though isn't he? If going by what we see on nearly all other multi-platform titles it should end up looking better on the 360.

            Because the developers have said PS3 is the lead platform (on console) for the game.
            Multi-platform games are only ever better on Xbox 360 when that is the lead platform. I agree with you when you say that's the case most of the time.

    classic :)

    btw, does anyone know if the BF3 PS3 beta will be PS+ exclusive or open to everyone?

      No pretty sure it is open to all - No keys required or memberships or anything like that (except the MOH Key for the 48 hours early access)

      pretty sure it's open to all on the 29th, only MoH people with early access have it right now

    It's because multi-platform games are always ported to PS3, since Xbox and PC are of the same 'blood'. The only thing that's getting ported in the other direction is Metal Gear HD Collection.

    This issue is growing and has reared it's ugly head big time in the newly released F1 2011. It's a big problem for PS3 as it is and if Sony's next console doesn't join the family, We'll see the Playstation 4 die like the Sega Saturn.
    If it wasn't for the Blu-Ray capability, the PS3 would already be on it's deathbed.

      Why is it a problem if Sony doesn't join this "family" next generation, and why would the ps4 die as a result?

      You assume people will purchase consoles solely based on how it looks and which one can handle 'X' better, rather than library, connections socially, features etc. Unless you specifically look for these sorts of things, people will not notice the difference or care at all, and if they did care, they wouldn't be playing on a console would they?

      Plus look at the wii, it's no where close to this "family" yet look how well it sold, so being apart of this "family" is no big deal at all.

      Also you argument saying the ps3 is only here because of Blu-ray reeks of fanboyism. Come back with examples or evidence to support your claim and i'll take it more seriously, otherwise it's just another fanboy rant over why graphics are oh so important in buying a console for the general consumer.

        I have always hated the Xbox, it doesn't belong, yet it is starting to win the all-things-considered war.
        I have always been on Sony's side until now, make no mistake, but the fact the PS3 will continue to get downgraded games is going hurt them in the long run and as more people become aware.

        I never said the PS3 is only here because of the Blu Ray, I said it would be on it's deathbed without it, not gone, but hanging on.

        If you check the entire list of PS3 games you will see the extreme majority of them are multi platform, and the majority of future releases that also appear on PC AND Xbox will usually result in a downgrade of the PS3 version because of the differences in the way the hardware works, it's easier to create for Xbox and Pc because they are so similar, then port to the PS3, the other way around make less sense.
        It will only be the hit franchises like GTA and CoD, games that have some decent effort put in (and thus into porting) that will result in equalish (or better) quality for PS3.

        What's stopping me from buying Xbox is lack of blu ray and the RRoD, what's stopping me from buying a PS3 is lack of quality in games that should have it, Codemasters' F1 2011 is just the beginning, and was the last straw for me.

        I've used both consoles enough to know what's what, and the Xbox controller edges ahead of the short handled PS3 one.

        The Wii is irrelevant, it has it's own market seperate from the others.

      Yeah, imagine if xbox had blu-ray capabilities. PS3 would have a handful of worthwhile games but not enough to warrant the purchase. Heck, I can't justify buying one now. I've got an xbox and a blu ray player which together cost me less than the ps3 cost a year or so ago. I can't stand the ps3's controller with the mushroom sticks so that puts me off playing anything on the system.

        Bet your looking forward to your 3 disc 'rage' edition then while us mushroom hand shaped ps3 owners get one disc to rule them all

          Have fun installing it first.

          I bet he's also looking forward to a better framerate, better graphics and a larger multiplayer community.

    Great Kotaku joining in on the PC elitism

      It's no real secret that the PC version is superior to the PS3 version, this is just a humorous take on it.
      God damn.

    That is pretty funny. I expect that whatever platform you choose to play BF3 on you will enjoy it.


    PC gamers are odd. I would've stayed on the PC save for the RIDICULOUS piracy issue that's pretty much ruined it. Couple that with the constant need to upgrade software and the fact that windows although having come far still sucks.

    It's just not worth it. My games look amazing on my gigantic TV, especially when it doesn't take me half an hour to install, configure, validate and update my game while risking the contents of my computer should something happen during installation.

    Pious PC players just seem a tad boring

    The PC side of the video needs to have hackers and aimbots all through it. Rather The console version =]

      That kind of stuff is actually surprisingly rare nowadays with the way systems like VAC work. Unless you're really unlucky on P2P games or join a dodgy dedicated server, hacks are almost non-existent.

        Every post you make, you seem to upset someone chazz lol

    Fuck yeah PS3 version!

    Has anyone recieved their email with the code for the beta? Any idea what time this is happening?

      I just finished talking to someone on Origins live help chat, they said early access to the beta is only for Americans, regardless of whether you have the Limited Edition of MoH or not.

        Really? The early access to the Beta has been up on the Aus PSN since 8pm, and the 360 and PC were not long after (Provided you had your emailed code for purchasing MOH Ltd Edt on either of the latter).

          I got the code a couple of hours ago as well. I have no idea what he was on about now. Just about to jump onto the beta now.

          I seen it on ps3 but I have medal of honour on 360 and haven't gotten an email ..I have been followin ea aus on twitter and they are only starting the xbox emails now so much for 48 hrs early access ...

    Still looks better than Modern Warfare 3, hahaha

    Let me guess, Games for windows live on the PC version...

    LoL at all the console gamers getting defensive!

      I just come here to distribute facts lol

        More like 'opinion' ;D


    PS3 version still looks better than COD ;)

    LOL console kids gettin mad.

      who's getting mad here? all i see here is some pc neckbeards finding a reason to warrant their $3000+ gaming systems.

    lol even the kotaku writers are PC Elitist's. Oh master race, we bow down to thee

    PC is always going to look better, mainly because people fork out thousands of dollars so that their sweet PC can run the latest and greatest game. And then repeat the same process every year because you hardware becomes inferior. So instead of spending 300 dollars on a console that will last for say, 10 years, you can fork out upto 10 grand on a PC over 10 years! KEEEEWEL!


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