Battlefield 3's Producer Is His Own Viciously Hard Critic

Patrick Bach, executive producer of upcoming shooter Battlefield 3, is in little danger of having his ego run wild on him. He sounds positively self-loathing when talking about his studio's last game, Battlefield Bad Company 2.

In an interview with Wall Street Journal's Tech Europe that's largely about the QA process for Battlefield 3, Bach sounds refreshingly candid — if a little hard on himself and his game — when discussing whether or not making games is "fun."

"Some days we get really frustrated, when we finally managed to make something work, but when testing it we realise it isn't fun," Bach says. "Now we need to make sure people in this company to feel happy about closing this project and shipping the game. Many, including me, are feeling that if they only had one week more, we could have done so much more. People seem to focus on what they could have done, rather than on what we have already managed to achieve."

Like many creative types, especially those forced to deliver on hard deadlines, Bach then goes on to express his personal displeasure with Bad Company 2, the shooter it release in early 2010.

"I don't know why, but I always feel ashamed about the games I'm involved in making," he says. "I can't even bring myself to start up 'Battlefield Bad Company 2,' our last game, because I feel so ashamed. I know it is a great product but still I only see the things we could have done better.

Patrick! You OK, man? Look, a lot of us really liked Bad Company 2, so don't be so hard on yourself.

Q&A: DICE Stress Tests ‘Battlefield 3′ [Tech Europe - WSJ]


    I hope Bad Company 3 goes back to being funny.

    BC2 was just another MW clone while BC1 was a breath of hilariously fresh air. I hope they go back to the spirit of the first one soon.

      What? BC2 was nothing like MW!

        Agreed. BC2 was IMO, the first step of Battlefield taking the high-chair from COD.

    I dug BF:BC2. If only there was decent server support in Aus for the X360 version I woulda played it heaps more.

    The main frustration I had was lack of teamwork and lack of good servers. Neither of those things are the fault of DICE.

      Xbox 360

      pick one

    He should be ashamed, operation metro is garbage!
    Also they need to sort out the servers.

      you're either a troll or a total dick, or both.

      ........... you do know what a BETA is don't you? Idiot.

      Completely agree.
      From all the hype, the beta gameplay is fairly average. Clearly some terrible design decisions have been made.

      gg blinding flashlight, sniper scopes, stupidly high damage and all the bugs (sinking under the ground is my favorite!)

        You mean to tell me the beta has bugs? What a shocker..

    Just played the beta it kind of sucks I went 30-5 k/d I basically held the whole team ,my teammates were horrible and idk I didnt feel it.

      So... because your teammates were horrible it was a bad game......? Are you f*cking retarded?

        i lol'd

        the fact that he even mentioned k/d in a BF game tells the whole story... COD is that way chris ----->

      So there we were, trying to work as a team, when some areshat decides to go all one man warrior on us.
      Bloody good thing a few of us were playing support so we could heal and feed ammo to him.

      Sniping from the back of the map never wins the match Chris.

    sounds like a perfectionist to me. This is good news.

    pfft obvious cod fanboi is obvious

      obvious moron is obvious

    now if they just add nazi zombie vampire robo dinosaurs mod where you play as either bruce campbell, nathan fillion, chuck norris or samuel l jackson.

    I'm still playing Bad Company 2 almost every day because the Battlefield 3 beta lags so much it's almost unplayable

    The Battlefield 3 Beta on the PS3 is seriously fkd up. Frostbite Engine 2 is no where to be seen, as well as Destruciton 3.0, the Menus are a mess to work with, plus all the bugs. And with less than a month to fix anything.

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