James Cameron's Avatar Mashup Created For Hamish & Andy's Gap Year

Movie to video game adaptations of the early 1980s were difficult things. Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, and The Empire Strikes Back were as hard to master as they were hard to genuinely enjoy.

And say what you will of Ubisoft's James Cameron's Avatar: The Game, at least it was no Avatari, John Earle's amusing but too short riff on the 8-bit possibilities of a mega-blockbuster whittled down to 4K. Designed for Australian TV show Hamish & Andy, there are some substantial spoilers in this very clearly rushed to market video game that never was.


    That was more enjoyable than the actual film.

    I saw this on TV the other day, great stuff!

    Just letting you Americans know that we in Australia don't watch this hamish and andy crap nor think it's funny.



      Yeah gonna have to third that. I sometimes like Hamish and Andy, but I watched the first ep of Gap Year and apart from one segment it totally sucked balls.

        It got better. I hated the first episode, but they've found their rhythm now.

          If by rhythm you mean terrible jokes found funny by middle-aged housewives with no comedic standards then yeah...

    Great show, and yes people do watch it

      The same ppl that miss Hey Hey It's Saturday!

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