Being A Female Professional StarCraft Player Ain’t Easy

Being A Female Professional StarCraft Player Ain’t Easy

It’s hard. Just ask StarCraft II player Kim Shee-Yoon, aka “Eve”.

StarCraft is huge in Korea. Pro gaming is big, too, but it’s dominated by male players. Eve isn’t the first female professional player, as e-sport has already seen the likes of ToSsGirL.

According to website The Mary Sue, Eve was selected for Korean StarCraft pro gamer team SlayerS “for her skills and looks.” That quote is from the team’s manager — a female.

The rub is that Eve, who now plays as Slayer_Eve, isn’t as highly ranked as her teammates. This led to all sorts of unpleasantness for Eve, from hate mail to Korean forums photoshopping her face onto porn pics. Others are calling her selection a publicity stunt.

“I am very happy to join such a respected professional gaming team SlayerS,” Eve said earlier this year.

Thing is, Eve isn’t really playing, but riding the bench and training. Over on, people have been wondering since mid-summer when she’s going to start playing to see whether or not she’s worth the fuss.

Doing anything professionally is difficult. Playing StarCraft at a competitive level requires mental toughness. Let’s hope Eve’s got that, but with the boys club she’s wading into, she’s gonna need it.

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  • girls do get a hard run in gaming, it raises alot of issues. but i’d due to her lack of skill in comparison to the rest of team liquid,she probably shouldnt be a pro player. I suppose its like getting Miranda kerr (not that im saying she is as hot as…) to start playing for Collingwood just because she can possibly kick a footy?

  • I have been following pro Starcraft since the BW days and I think some of the vitriol is warranted. It’s incredibly difficult to make a name for yourself in progaming and get a contract with a sponsored team. The fact that Eve is on Slayers for sex appeal and not skill, potentially screws over some kid who won’t make the cut because a team place was wasted on her.

    Tossgirl is a different case because she was actually good. Not the best, but she had her moments and at times could throw down with the best of them. If Eve wants to deflect criticism then jeez, let her play and not just have a practice dummy.

  • a) She’d kick my ass in SC2
    b) For the complaints to be valid, they probably shouldn’t be such asshats about it.
    c) If her skill level isn’t up there then it may be warranted.
    d) It’s still encouraging other female gamers whether they see her as a role model or just want to prove there’s better female players out there so that makes it good.

  • It’s only a wasted slot if she’s not capable of advancing the agenda of the team in some way. If she gets attention, and therefore sponsorship dollars, for the team, and she can play okay, that’s hardly a wasted slot, and if they can train her to become a damn fine player, then I doubt people are going to be too butthurt.

    Besides, I’m not really seeing the difference between this time and all the other times that success in sporting hasn’t been based on being a good player. When you’re a pro, there’s more to your career than whether you can play Starcraft well. You need a certain amount of charisma to succeed.

    • This, basically. I disagree that you can succeed without having the requisite skill level – but I totally agree that if her placement benefits the team then it’s not a waste at all.

  • Chances are they have seen that she has talent, but lacks refinement. Hence the training regime now. Once she is ready, she will play and she will eitehr prove to be a good investment or not.

    Until then, people are just being dickfaces.

  • The fact is people are hating ’cause she’s a girl. You can’t tell me they’re not. She mightn’t be the best player ever but if she was male than nobody would be batting an eyelid.

    In football, for instance, managers always sign players who can step-in when needed but are rarely ever going to start a match. Now, I don’t know anything about this girl (let alone much about Starcraft) but that might be the case here too.

    Obviously, the manager making those remarks doesn’t really help one iota though.

    • But that’s not how esports work. You either bring results or you don’t and in the latter case, it’s a bad investment for the team. Male players who don’t perform are criticised just as regularly.

      After checking this girl’s statistics, I can’t find anything. She hasn’t been fielded by her team, her ladder rank is definitely not ‘professional’ standard and if she was a male, there would be serious questions as to why he would be on Slayers.

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