BioWare Bosses Say They’ve Not Forgotten Jade Empire

BioWare Bosses Say They’ve Not Forgotten Jade Empire

Jade Empire, the Xbox-exclusive (and later PC) RPG BioWare released in 2005, is “a franchise that’s near and dear to us”, BioWare’s founders said at Eurogamer Expo today. “It’s a setting that we’re really passionate about, and we still are.”

But Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk don’t have immediate plans to bring back the series. “We’re just looking for the right way to deploy it”, Muzyka said.

A Jade Empire sequel was rumoured when it showed up in a developer’s resume online earlier this year.

Eurogamer notes that Muzyka’s status as lord high overseer of role-playing games for Electronic Arts means he’s administering a back catalogue with Jade Empire and other intellectual properties, complicating decisions on what to resurrect and when.

Jade Empire reviewed very well, with negative marks for features that you’d be unlikely to see in a current-generation role-playing game. It’s available as an Xbox Live Original, playable on the Xbox 360.

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  • Jade empire was great and I loved playing it and working hard for the ridiculous double romance at the end, but!

    1) The ending was terrible that it made me cry angry babies. The final fight in elephant form takes less than a minute.

    2) I didn’t like teh format that they used there. Its pretty much the format they still use in some of their games like mass effect but it showed ‘its edges’ more. Specifically it was like, you go to a new hub as part of the story, then explore in 3-4 combat zones, then you move to a different hub when you’re done and rinse and repeat. With say ME2, you choose the order of the hubs and stuff you don’t get quite the same formulaic experience, but still… they made the game appear to be more than it was in the marketing.

    But maybe that’s my fault for following the hype so eagerly back in the day 🙁

  • This has bugged me for a LONG time now, but anytime I see “Xbox-exclusive”, I get really confused. I played this game on PC. This isn’t the only game that’s had this wrong attribution either.

    Is PC not considered a platform, or…?

      • It did indeed come out on PC. I have added a correction, however, I believe the original article was referring to the fact that the PC version came out much, much later (2007), so it was an Xbox-exclusive in the sense that it was the only launch platform.

    • It’s not a direct competitor to the 360, and that means it’s all good. Especially since MS also owns Windows, where the vast majority of gaming happens.

  • A guy I spoke to in Bioware a few years back said that they were planning on bringing this back after Mass Effect is finished.

    Timing is right for them to start some rumours.

  • I beat Jade Empire twice that I’m sure of, but oddly enough the thing I remember enjoying the most was kicking Gao the Greater’s ass. And now that I say that I can’t remember if that’s something that happened in the game or if I just made it up because I wanted it so badly 😛

    Either way, it was an awesome game and I’ve wanted a sequel ever since. 🙂

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