Blasting Lambent And Locusts Alike In Gears Of War 3's Brutal Campaign Modes

Epic's Gears of War 3 offers a deep, feature-rich package — between its copious multiplayer modes, lengthy campaign, and flexible co-op modes, it's easily the deepest Gears game yet made.

Epic has already detailed the various multiplayer modes, as well as the redesigned horde mode, so in this video, we'll walk through some general impressions of the campaign. It goes from the various campaign modes to the game's new Mad Max-look, the basics of combat, and last and kinda least, a clip from the least enjoyable part in the game. Go watch!

We'll be rolling out Gears 3 coverage all week, so keep an eye here.


    Please add #spoiler in there before people click the video.

      Was about to watch that but read comments first. Thanx buddy

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