Blockade Runner Is Not Just Minecraft In Space

Blockade Runner is an independently developed spaceship sim, allowing you to build and fly your own ships, and battle them against others.

The game is only in alpha at the moment, but is receiving semi-weekly updates and has an active community.

Creators ZANMGT cite Minecraft and Infiniminer as inspirations for the project, and thanks their developers, stating that Blockade Runner would not exist without them.

The game developers hope to feature "fully destructible, operational, crewable 'living' starships in a procedurally generated galaxy." Only some of those features are implemented now.

You can play the free lite version, but the full alpha of the game is $US10 for now and will remain "weeks ahead" of the lite version in terms of development. Download either version on this page of their website.


    Well, I wonder how long it will be before someone's made a full scale Death Star XD

      Given that people can alreay play, I'd be surprised if there isn't pics on 4chan already..

    That's pretty nifty :)

    i will play this... a lot... someone up for building a Super Star Destroyer? or failing that i will settle for Unicron?

    If this included the ability to make small fighters that could visit planets for materials, I'd just give up on ever leaving my house again.

      that would be amazing!

    i am actually interested!

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