Borderlands 2 Takes Your Suggestions For Special Edition Premiums

What would you like to see in a Borderlands 2 Collector's Edition? A box that opens up like a Crimson Lance chest? A psycho mask? Fake skaggy poo? A life-size rakk hive?

That last one might be a little tough, but Gearbox Software is taking suggestions for what premiums Borderlands diehards would like to see in a collector's edition when Borderlands 2 releases in 2012. They've opened an official thread on the Gearbox forums, so go in there and sound off. It's a studio that's very well known for its fan service, so maybe your idea will fly.

As someone who pumped at least 60 hours into that game, let me weigh in with my preferences. Realistically, they need to give a code for a truly balls-out in game weapon, as that's been one of the franchise's creative calling cards. Unrealistically, I want a See-n-Say Claptrap. Pull the string, and a Claptrap spins in the centre, coming to rest on one of the game's many catchphrases, or Claptrap saying "The Skag goes ... 'Hlarglrbrfrgh.'"

Borderlands Collectors Edition Suggestions [Gearbox]


    I'm all for an in-game code since I'll be buying from Steam.

    How about a Clap-Trap figurine! Or a Skag plushie!

    I'm not really for a code since Borderlands is all about finding new weapons and replacing your old ones, so that code will most likely last you 5 levels because it's replaced and forgotten.

    Collector's Edition is a Steam release with Steamworks, no other DRM, a global release date, and all future DLC for free...

      and price parity with US...

      ... gearbox games typically have run at a 2x mark up for Aussies

        *actually its not gearbox, its 2K games.

        my bad.

    Absolutely has to be a talking Claptrap figure/statuette.

      "Check me out everybody, I'm dancin', I'm dancin'!"

        "Oh look, it's another stinking flesh bag. Unless you have something Taylor Kobb needs to hear, you can bugger off like all your other walking shit containers."

        this thread is now for Claptrap quotes.

          Because they weren't already obnoxious enough when drilled into your skull in the game.

    An 8 inch Claptrap statue, the Borderlands logo done in the same vein as the COG metal from GoW3 collectors and all in a fancy box that one can display. Be clever about it though like with the DNF collectors. Once you take the statue out, the box for the game can sit in the front so the plastic window doesn't look empty.

      8inch? I think you meant to say full size

    Claptrap statue would be awesome, and have it all in a box shaped like a loot crate :)

    A box shaped like a loot chest, a plushie skag, an in-game weapon and a model clap trap sound like a really nice CE to me. Whatever they choose it'd have to fit in with the irreverent quirky nature of Borderlands and a plushie skag? Well that just makes sense.

    I've put in far too much time into Borderlands with a bunch of mates and I'm just waiting until I can throw money at Gearbox for #2.

    I'd be in for a talking ClapTrap.

    Art book. :)

    Check me out I'm dancing!

    Am I the only human being on Earth who found Claptrap to be an annoying, repetitive dickhead who refused to shut the fuck up?

    Having to sit through that goddamn NVidia intro alone was maddening, but when you actually get into the game HE WILL NOT SHUT UP.

      They saw that the kids like the random, and the kids like the robots and they came up with ̶G̶I̶R̶ I mean Claptrap.

      There seems to be plenty on both sides, all my mates and I love them, guess we must be kids : /

        Well I'm a fan of the Claptrap, he had the most personality out of anyone/anything in the original.

        I can understand why others get annoyed by Claptrap so maybe they can have a 'Mute' edition?

      Am I the only one who didn't think the game was actually that good? sure it was a cool idea, an it looked kinda cool as well, but I played about 2 hours of it and got soooooooo boooorrreeedd of the 'walk-walk-walk-drive-shoot-shoot-walk...'etc. I wanted to like it but it was so difficult to like :(

      You know the intro movies can be disabled in the game settings right?

      And yes, you're the only one that found him annoying.

      Yes, yes you are the only one.

    How about no rubbish "collector" items and just make the game a few bucks cheaper.

      Or we could have an awesome CE with awesome collector items and you could stfu. :)

    I'd like to see an in game item that you get on each new character made (non tradeable)that increases stats based on characters lvl.

    CL4P TP statue! "C L 4 P T P. Or you can call me by my locally designated name, Claptrap!"

    How about just getting the multiplayer working properly first time, so users don't have to put up with the crap of the first game. you know.. do some testing.

    Claptrap statue, art book, sound track, in-game unlock for an artefact instead of a weapon - something completely insane, like a jump pack, or teleport, that won't completely trivialise content at the same time.

    Bundle it up in one of those red crates, and ship it out globally.

    How about some Anti-Aliasing? :P

    LOOT CHEST AND PSYCHO MASK!!! I am an art major...don't make me build my own!

    This is wky gearbox and 2k are awesome

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