Buy A Shadows Of The Damned CD, Get An Autograph

Grasshopper Manufacuture's Akira Yamaoka, who cut his teeth on Silent Hill, is one of gaming's most famous composers-slash-games developers. You can get his autograph. His music, too.

The original soundtrack for Shadows of the Damned is limited to only one thousand pressings and is available on the Grasshopper Manufacture website. Here is the cool part: Yamaoka is autographing the first 300 international orders.

"I wanted to craft a soundtrack that was more than just a collection of the most popular songs from Damned," Yamaoka said in an official release. "I set out to create an experience that would take players back to the game, as if they were 'watching" a movie.'"

The 21-track soundtrack is priced at $US29.85.

GHM Webstore [Official Site]


    Just put my order in. It was order #270 apparently.

    Just got one for me and my friend. Order #302. Swear that better not mean that we literally just missed out >_>

      fear not. on the SotD and grasshopper manufacture FB, it clearly states ALL copies in the store thus far are signed. as of this posting 25 signed copies remain.

    Order 56 here. When I placed mine, it said there were 297 left, so I'm not sure if the order number has anything to do with anything.

    In any case, I'm very, very excited about this.

    Oh awesome!

    Heh, right now there's only two left. Act fast, whoever's out there :P

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