Call Of Duty XP's Real-Life Achievements And Badges Of Honor

Activision has a long and storied history of making some of the best video game patches in the business. Or at least they did during the Atari 2600 era. At Call of Duty XP, Activision returned to its patch-making ways, rewarding XP attendees for braving real-life and virtual challenges.

For example, should you wait in the long, long line to play a game of Spec Ops in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, you'll get a badge. Ride the zipline, run The Pit, play paintball in The Scrapyard? Badge. Badge. Badge. Some are easy, like visiting The Armory or sitting in on a live panel. Some are hard. Juggernaut Sumo, for example, looks physically demanding.

If you do manage to secure any of these badges, you can have them applied on site. There's a station where you can have your shirts, bags and pillows customised with said patches.

Naturally, Call of Duty XP attendees who would prefer to own all 12 badges without engaging in physical activity can buy the whole lot. Of course they're for sale!


    Best line of the article is the last sentence.

    Wheres the badge for "Traded chance to lose virginity for 10th Prestige"

      next to the badge for 'being a deadbeat slapper'

    Speak of the devil!

      $117 for some badges!!! No thanks! lol

    Where is the badge for "Waited 2 hours in line for something they could have e-mailed to me"? And "Waited 3 hours in line for a 30 second Zipline"???

    Pretty cool idea, but could have been done better :)

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