Can You Tell Your Wi-Fi PS Vita From Your 3G Vita?

Sony is launching two PS Vitas: One is a ¥24,980 Wi-Fi model. The other is a ¥29,980 3G model. Can you tell them apart?

No, they are not exactly the same. There is a tiny, subtle difference. Can you spot it?

Both are so damn close, your friends won't notice if you spring for the cheaper Wi-Fi model.

Pre-orders start in Japan on October 15.


    There is a little hatch on the left side. I assume it's for the sim card

    A simcard slot?

      You have won the internetz !

    An annoying flashing led when turned on?

    Is there one with no connectivity? You know, so I can play games? Without having to pay for things I will never use?

      and how were you planning on buying games? or is that the point

        I'm not sure. I may walk down the street. I may drive. Wherever the wind takes me.

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