Canadian Cable Giant Admits It Could Be ‘Inadvertently’ Throttling Games

Canadian Cable Giant Admits It Could Be ‘Inadvertently’ Throttling Games

In March, Canadian gamers were upset to learn that World of Warcraft traffic was being throttled by Rogers Cable and Telecom, the country’s largest broadband provider. Now the company has admitted that other games’ online traffic might trip its pipeline monitors and result in their throttling, which Rogers called “inadvertent.” Canadian gamers do not accept that answer.

Canadian regulators investigated the matter after the Canadian Gamers’ Association requested an inquiry into Rogers’ practices. Rogers, for its part, admitted that the same factors that could lead to Warcraft traffic being “misclassified” as peer-to-peer traffic could have resulted in the same thing happening to Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer gaming. Basically, if something goes above 80 kbps or more, that trips the “network management” system, i.e. throttling.

Rogers says that the games in question can all run underneath that rate, and so those who are experiencing throttling must be running some other peer-to-peer application alongside their gaming. Rogers also says the games in question can run fine under that 80 kbps threshold, which the Canadian Gamers’ Association disputes.

Rogers’ counsel, in a letter to the CTRC, complained that the CGA’s co-founder, Jason Koblovsky, wasn’t cooperating to help find a solution. Rogers said it would be pleased if Koblovsky “would allow our technicians to help him find solutions.”

Koblovsky shot back that Rogers was ignoring a simple solution.

“Rather than fixing the issue and actively whitelisting gaming systems to ensure they are not affected … Rogers is continuing to rely on consumer input and complaints rather than put forth the active testing needed to ensure compliance with CRTC policy,” he said in an email. “We believe this approach is inappropriate under these circumstances.”

The CGA will ask the CTRC for a new law requiring providers such as Rogers to have a formal way for customers to report complaints.

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  • Pretty sure, even with the throttling, they’d get better ping than we do. They’re still in North America while our lines have to cross the Pacific and back to reach US servers.

  • i am sure Telstra is throttling, well they are selling there network to the NBN so lets hope they are dicks when it comes to these practices .

  • Well their welcome to come to australia where we pay a premium price for a nice connection only to have it slow to a crawl as soon as more than ten jump on at the same time! I pay for a 12Mbit connection but I couldnt even watch 360p video on youtube yesterday, without it loading every 2seconds – let alone our virtually non existent wifi coverage which makes the data I pay for on my mobile phone meaningless… does anyone know whats happening with the “NBN”

    • they have bought the telstra network and will be expanding its fibre optics network to replace its copper Adsl network over the next few years.

      Long way off before full rollout but at least its coming.

  • All major ADSL providers in australia throttle gaming traffic during peak times as it is considered non-essential

    POP, HTTP, FTP, RFB etc are all considered essential because they are used in business

  • Fascinating to watch and observe the ecfeft, both on the senator and on myself. . .a strangely compelling quality to his voice. It puts me in mind of the biblical injunction (that I constantly forget): A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. Proverbs 15:1NC

  • Hi MG,Great pickup. I’ve been eenyig some telecoms/cable/utilities too.I was also curious about the Rogers > Telus > BCE/Shaw. I know out West here, Shaw has really been eating up market share from Telus. The customer experience is 100 fold better, there starting to get a decent foothold on the bread & butter landline market – and there are opportunities for wireless (although I’m guess they’ll just sell those frequencies they bought up).I was at a talk by the former VP marketing for Telus, and he sure made it seem like Telus was very worried about the in roads Shaw has made.Anyway, all those names actually look quite attractive these days.

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