Capcom Launches Resident Evil ARG

Capcom has launched a Resident Evil alternate reality game (ARG) in preparation for the release of their upcoming shooter, Resident Evil: operation Raccoon City.

Two sites have been set up for the game: an "official" Umbrella Corporation recruitment page that slowly gets hacked if you sit on the page for more than 30 seconds (it also features one of the creepiest-looking babies I have seen in a while), and the website of a rebel who asks that public to join him in his fight against the corporation.

The rebel urges participants to help him reveal the truth about the evils that the Umbrella Corporation is about to unleash on Raccoon City by finding evidence based on the clues that he provides each week. Participants can follow him on Twitter @insertedevil and check back at the the Inserted Evil website regularly for more clues, and once evidence has been found, new information about the game's characters and the game itself will be revealed.

The site has hinted that there will be real prizes for those who do well in scouring the web for evidence, although this is yet to be confirmed.


    Creepy baby is creepy. You'd think they'd try and learn from other peoples creepy marketing tactics like the Sony PS3 Baby thing.

      I think image would be good for some other kind of campaign: "Botox and Babies -- They Don't Go Together"

        It hardly gets any better as you go down the page. Look at that creepy scientist!

    someone should make an ARG about pirates!

      To me, "Resident Evil ARG" = "Zombie Pirates"

    Anyone get the first clue yet?

      i am close but so far


    h added for humor.

    Found a blog on it XD this will help.

    I no i am so close Grrrr

    i found this on the map scree sent the link to so hope that helps

    ORC01BIR is the clue

      How did you get it?

        Go to and click on Birkin's journal and you'll find the first clue at the bottom right hand corner of his journal entry.
    this my help also my user name is wazthatme so add me

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