Capcom, You Once Again Have The Best Booth At TGS

No matter the year and no matter the games, Capcom always has the best booth at TGS. Forgoing the slick corporate presence of its rivals, it instead opts for elaborate themed demo kiosks, in 2011 deciding the presence of both Dragon's Dogma and 117 Monster Hunter titles gave it the perfect in to build a ton of awesome model beasties.


    Question that I've always wondered:

    When you sit like that for so long, don't you get DVT or something?

      Are you refering to the girls in the pic with the gamers? They don't sit like that for 12 hours stright like how some gamers sit on their asses that long without moving.

    First thing to pop into my head when I saw the dragon in the top picture;

    "He's not snarling, he's sneezing"

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