Cheer Up Poland, Fallout 3 Is Just Make-Believe

Poland Comes First, a political party in [GUESS]has made an advertisement that you may recognise. Especially if you like Fallout 3.

The clip, above, doesn't just take cues from Fallout 3's intro, it takes cues, stuffs them in its pockets then moves onto stealing whatever is left after the cues.

Effective at getting the gamer vote, we're sure, but for everyone else? It comes off as a little dramatic, guys. Going for the quick and easy scare vote.

Just goes to show: politics never changes.

Fallout inspires Polish political video [Eurogamer]


    *All mumbled in a raspy voice*

    Politics. Politics never changes.


    Except for the target demographic

    Too late, can't watch it.

    Kotaku, mirror that biatch!

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