Chinese TF2 Knockoff Drafts Tomb Raider Alum To Vouch For It

Ahem. Well, back in July, we were introduced to Final Combat, China's homage to ripoff of Team Fortress 2. The game won't have a Western release, but for any Chinese who managed to defeat the Baidu censorship and learn of the game's true origins, we have Troy Horton, formerly of the Tomb Raider series, to vouch for its originality.

[h/t Howard L]


    So you made Tomb Raider, which was a reverse Uncharted Ripoff, then you go and ripoff Team Fortress 2 to heck and back.

    Final Combat goes beyond being just a normal ripoff, it's a HUGE ripoff. There's even a frickin heavy!

      And curse you Halo for reverse ripping-off every FPS game that came out after it!

        There's a difference between making a game in the same genre, and completely plagiarising someone else's IP. Have you even seen the Final Combat "Meet the" series?!

    I hope he's trolling.

    Wait... TF2 is blocked by baidu? What?

    LOL While obviously TF2 "inspired" its colour pallet and theme are taking their ques from Battlefield Heroes.

      You mean bf heroes was inspired by tf2...

    Brought to you the Chinese Government... you will play. Play!

      I play later. Later!

    Those video production values are epic, did they hire an infinity wall and shoot it in Troy's basement?

    "Learning chinese is more difficult than game development"

    Sure is, especially when your game is 90% stolen!

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