Chun-Li Strikes A (Strange) Pose

Early next year, Street Fighter fans will be able to get their hands on this 18-inch Chun-Li statue. The pros are that it looks realistic. The cons? That pose. That pose.

She looks like she's straining for a fart. Or doing warm-up stretches. Or some kind of folk dance. It's not the kind of heroic pose you'd expect from something that's going to set you back $US315.

Chun Li Street Fighter Statue From Pop Culture Shock [TNI]


    I'd say the pose is perfectly in line with the character and her moves. Here are 3 examples i found just by typing chun li into google image search that are the same or similar.

      It's Kotaku US they don't do research on anything they post just shoot crap out their mouths for ad hits.

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