Co-Op Comes Very, Very Late To The 40K: Space Marine Party

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is out next week. And developers Relic have only today revealed the fact the game will have a co-op mode. It's a late addition to the game; so late, in fact, it won't be available until next month.

The co-op mode, called Exterminatus, has two maps, and lets up to four players take control of a Space Marine in what's essentially a Horde match, fighting wave after wave of increasingly difficult alien enemies.

It'll be free, and will be released in "early October".


    Got my copy preordered. Fingers crossed there's plenty of other Australian Warhammer 40K geeks out there looking for coop people to play with. GT is Arnhell

      You won't need to worry about other Aussie spicking it up if they were smart enough to include a Local Only search function.

      Seriously, this is like the one main problem Australians have with online gaming and it's so easy to fix, yet so many developers forget to include this option.

    Way to miss out details!
    There will be bonus objectives, in addition to regular ones that unlock new map locations. Plus, your Exterminatus experience carries over to online multiplayer, and vice-versa.

    From the sounds of it its like last stand from Dawn of War heres hoping that they expand on it to allow other races in this mode

    uuugh such a shame this game doesn't have 2-3 player campaign co-op. That was the only reason me and some mates were going to get it. Sorry Relic

      This, a hundred times over this.

      It's the type of game i would love to play co-op with some friend/s, but something that would seem to get boring/grating fast in single player (Even more so with bad AI). So i don't think ill be dropping $X for one mode :(

      And apparently the update/dlc is only for non pre-owned copies.

      Agreed with both. With no campaign coop this game has easily halved it's appeal for me. The campaign mode seems tailor-made for coop. I'd rather play Kill-Team with a mate than solo Space Marine. Really, really disappointed in this news, it's definitely taken a bow to Gear now.

    No campaign co-op (or promise thereof in a month), no sale on day one for me.

    I'll pick it up when its 1/3 of the price, have other titles to play... this is disappoint.

    Thanks Kotaku - you have saved me $40

    My only real concern with this game is how long the muliplayer population will last when gears 3 comes out

    No SP co-op... ffffffffff. That's ridiculous, it really is. I mean, you can even play Dawn of War 2 co-op ffs.

    This just sounds like Multi-player and not Co-Op at all.

    This game would have been worth it maybe 5 years ago. It's been all downhill since DOW1.

    Why are people complaining about no SP Co-op? that was never on the cards, and I doubt they would have been able to do a polished SP experience with coop - it would have ended up like the campaigns from DoW:Retribution.

    They DID announce co-op earlier. They just didn't say what exactly it would be.

    Frankly, I'm still excited. 1 month isn't long to wait, just enough time to get some serious unlocks!

    Also I'm fine with it not being co-op SP (which doesn't work at all, if it's co-op then it's NOT single-player).

    Seriously - i don't get why people are so cheesed off it's not story co-op.

    From the beginning they said there more than likely wouldn't be a story co-op, plus most of the singleplayer footage shows Captain Tidus going alone which leads me to believe that half was through the game he won't have anyone to fight with, which i'm pretty sure i've already worked out the reasons why, but i won't spoil it for anyone.

    PLUS, once again from the footage shown, if they has story co-op it would probably become too easy or even complex with more people playing. Think of all the blood and slow down effects - it just wouldn't work!

    If anything, i would have loved a split screen co-op, a-la gears - but no use crying over spilt milk.

    Get the hell over it and stop acting so entitled - this is still going to be an absolutely awesome game!


      I mean, really - look at those screens!
      It looks HELL FUN!

      And as the cracks said, everything you do in those mode still counts towards your player progression for VS mode

      You hit the nail on the head my friend. I read so many comments...not just on this site, but others, where gamers feel that they are entitled to everything.

      They seem to cry about everything. Unless the game is broken, and it's just utterly terrible controls, then just enjoy the fact that you live in the now and have all these great people out there making great/fun games.

      I for onegratefultful that I get to indulge in so many awesome games. Even if a game like Fallout Vegas comes out and is buggy as hell I don't go and cry about it, cause I know that that game was ambitious and there is a lot of things that could go wrong, but man I had fun playing it.

      I just think that we need to take a step back sometimes and realise what we have and what we get from game developers is pretty good, just something to think about. Oh before I get flamed, yes everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I just think some people get caught up in it all.

    My brother and i were looking to pick this up for co-op campaign but since this no longer on the table. i might only pick it up for the single player now. they would of been better off delaying this for 6 months to include co-op campaign. Lost so many sales imho.

    My brother and i were looking to pick this up for co-op campaign but since this no longer on the table. they would of been better off delaying this for 6 months to include co-op campaign. Lost so many sales imho.

    I'm still very keen, it looks as much fun as the single player and multiplayer (competitive)!!!

    Only 2 maps would get old fast. :s

      you obviously havent played DoW: Last Stand :p

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