Coming To A Sporting Event Near You: Angry Birds

Coming To A Sporting Event Near You: Angry Birds

Hit iOS game Angry Birds has a wide variety of fans that range from talkshow host Glenn Beck to singer Noel Gallagher. Everyone likes Angry Bids!

No wonder Angry Birds developer Rovio wants to take the game on the road so throngs of people can play it.

This weekend, Angry Birds is coming to a Formula One race track in Singapore, Reuters reported. The iPhone favourite is being turned into a crowd game with the audience controlling the slingshot with their voices.

“We think this new form of gaming will give fans a great opportunity to form a strong emotional connection with the characters,” said Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka.

There are already Angry Birds plush toys, Halloween costumes, and baby toys. An Angry Birds film is being shopped around Hollywood.

Rovio created the crowd version of Angry Birds with Finland’s Uplause. They plan to take the game to other major events — such as sporting events and rock concerts — around the globe so people can scream at it.

Angry Birds to Swoop Formula One [Reuters]

Top photo: Kin Cheung/AP


  • What the heck is up with all this love for Angry Birds? Am I the only person on this planet who thinks it is just a mediocre game? Why do people love it so much?

  • I despise this game, because it is so mediocre, and uses an ages-old flash game mechanic and is unfortunately the one that mainstream audiences have finally latched onto.

    Wouldn’t mind it if Rovio used their newfound fortunes and exposure to try something else. But no… they made Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds 3DS, Angry Birds Mac OS, Angry Birds PSP, etc.

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