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"Don't worry, you're in good hands." No, these were not the words that Mark (the Scottish, fake-tanned editor of our hearts) left with the Kotaku community before he departed for the motherland. They were words he left for me, and so far I believe him.

I was excited when Mark asked me to look after the site while he goes on holiday, but I was also incredibly apprehensive. I knew the Kotaku community was a wonderful one, built up from the days when Seamus Byrne, Logan Booker, then David Wildgoose (and more recently Serrels himself) moderated every individual comment to weed out the trolls and attract some of the most level-headed people on the internet. But I also knew that people don't like change, and boy would it be a change having a non-kilt-wearing, non-Pepsi Max drinking editor take over for the month. Well, I haven't accidentally deleted the whole site yet, and no Kotaku readers have turned up at the office wielding pitch-forks... so I guess I am doing okay so far! (And if I'm not, I want to hear your feedback. I can be reached at Tracey [dot]lien [at]alluremedia [dot]com [dot]au)

So let's get on with it!

The first nom comes from Jamesmag, who has nominated the always delightful NotoriousR for gifting him with Jetpack Joyride for iOS. Jamesmag found himself bored at work but also too broke to buy any games, so NotoriousR bought it for him as a birthday present. Hooray for generosity!

Bish nominated Jo for contributing some quality comments to posts, and I'm nominating everyone in TAY who used the \o/ STEVE HOLT emoticon this week. I seriously cannot believe I did not know about it sooner, and now I will use it at all times in all correspondences.

Despite the awesomeness of everyone, there can only be one winner, and that person is Strange! The lovely Strange was nominated by Bish and Anonymous Pessimist for the jerkin she made and sent to Mr. Pessimist. To be honest, I accidentally misread "jerkin" as "gherkin" and was wondering why Anonymous Pessimist was so pleased about receiving preserved cucumber in the mail. The above photos show that he was, in fact, gifted with an amazing piece of craft by a much-loved member of the Kotaku community. So congratulations, Strange! You are the winner of this week's community kudos!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above – you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Congratulations Strange, you deserve it! That jerkin is absolutely fantastic! And it's really amazing that you put all that time and effort into making something for another member of the community! You're the best!

    I didn't get to say it earlier 'cause I was at school, but that jerkin looks absolutely fabulous, Ms. Strange.

    Good luck in any other future sewing ventures.

      She's actually sewing me an Adam Jensen trenchcoat :) isn't that nice of her?

        Wait, what?! I think Blaghman asked first, anyway....

    Yay Strange!!! Well deserved indeed! Top effort!! :) Now we just need some action shots from AP! ;)

    Congrats to the First Lady!!!

    Is it just me or is AP getting a bit too much glory without actually being here????

    (I'm not being a dick, I'm trying to convince him to return....)

      I keep trying to be on this hiatus and y'all keep dragging me back in... ridiculous!

      At the end of this weekend I may be two steps closer to coming back ;) I will keep you all posted.

      If things go well for me, my return may be imminent! :D

        I hope everything works out for you dude. Would be good to see you back, your witty posts are missed!

    Oh and Jo baby, your comments were very funny. You made me giggle and spill milk all over my blouse. Or something to that effect.

    In hindsight, that comment was just really creepy.

      Haha thanks, and thanks Bish for the nom!

    As an aside, I would be mighty impressed if someone were to send me a gherkin. I once had someone at Aus Post shout at me for trying to send non-packaged foodstuffs in the mail. :/


    Damn busy work and uni weeks - i miss out on all the neatness!

    CONGRATS!!! :D

    I was trying to think of some pickle related puns to make but I must be a bit of a dill, because I can't think of that many.

    Oh well, Strange's sewing skills are really earning their keep and I hope they are preserved for a long time.

      Oh, you.

        You salty?

          I'm not sure how to respond to this, so I'll go with, yes?

            Salty: Being angry, agitated, upset. Commonly used in the fighting game community.

              Haha, well no actually. I'm not salty. I loved your joke :P

                It was just another excuse for another pun :p

    Congrats Lady Strange - you deserve it ;)

    Will be running around my house with this jerkin donned tonight. Jeeves is a little concerned I've taken to perching on the tops of cupboards and leaping off at ill-picked moments (generally when he happens to be walking underneath).

    He has suggested he would be a little less concerned if I chose something less sharp than the two small shrubbery chainsaws I've strapped to my arms. I keep telling him Bruce Cambell and Ezio combined is the best combination since sharks figured out how to high five bears but I don't think he grasps the metaphor.

    Also, disregard my floral bedsheets. I am all man, despite what I happen to sleep on every night.

    That is FANtastic work Strange! I'm flabbergasted!

    Also, great work on end of your first (partial) week Tracey.

      Although come to think of it, there is one thing missing from this article - crazy tags that make Elly cry. You've still got some learning to do Miss Editor ;)

        Maaaaan, I KNEW I forgot something! I have tried to rectify this, although I will be sure to do this right next week!

          Best tag.

    *reminds self to use steve holt emoticon next week*
    Congrats Strange, tis an awesome jerkin!
    Also, Tracey, you've done well so far :) (you left out the funny tags for this post though...)

      Also, to anyone who can make a sentence with both "level-headed" and "AnonymousPessimist" in it, I'll have to nominate you for CK next week :P

        I will be sure to buy myself many gifts.

        While not exactly level-headed, AnonymousPessimist is nevertheless an invaluable member of the Kommunity.
        Although I'm sure you'll forget by next week.

        Also, congratualtions Miss (Mrs?Ms?) Lien on rounding out your first week at the helm in such a sterling fashion.

        Don't worry about following in Mark's footsteps too closely. You may only be understudy editor, but you're still editor, and you proved that this week.

          Monsieur. Lol, I go with Miss.

        I'm so gorram level-headed you could build the flattest plateau using my cranium as a measurement device.

        True story.

    Congratulations First Lady!

    It looks like an absolutely wonderful piece (I guess I'll need to wait until the 25th before I see him wear it :D).

      Blaghs! Is it really you? I thought you were dead!

    That is so AWESOME

    woooow... that is quite amazing work, i think that outshines all the other attempts i have seen at this particular piece... Online Five o/... also \o/ STEVE HOLT

    Wow. That's amazing Strange! I may have to find AnonPez and kill him so I can take that jerkin. Good thing he has a sound insulated room! no one will hear him scream!

    Now... all I know is he's in western Sydney somewhere... time to start searching...

    Congrats strange!
    Well deserved indeed.

    STEVE HOLT! \o/

    Also, JB are selling all three seasons of Arrested Development for $40 (Buy 2 get 1 free). So go buy it!

    Also, I reiterate: I am jelly about the Assassins Creed Pickle Vest.

      Also, Tracey, you forgot the obligatory strange tag.

        Siiiiigh. I will make up for this next week. Perhaps some sort of double obligatory strange tag is in order.

          I think a tag that flips over tables
          (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ will suffice (in addition to the obligatory tag)

      I've owned it for years and yet I feel compelled to go to my local JB.


    Woah, thanks everyone!
    It's nice to see the jerkin has gone to a good home with lovely floral sheets.... :P

    Oh and NotR, I also nominated you for your stealth game-gifting. :D

      Cheers! Although my $1 iOS game pales in comparison to your lovingly hand crafted pickle vest....

    Freaking awesome work strange. I didnt say this in TAY but that looks amazing!

    You welcomed me with open arms Strange, well deserved.

    Bump? =D

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