Community Kudos

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday, everyone's lookin' forward to... Community Kudos!

First, apologies for quoting Rebecca Black. I couldn't help myself, and I promise to never do it again. Really.

Second, if anyone wants to send nominations or tips or anything to Kotaku, send them directly to me and not the Tips box because for some reason that particular inbox only shows subject lines but not the contents of the emails. Until we get that figured out, you can reach me at Tracey[dot] lien[at] gmail[dot] com[dot] au.

Anyway, before I launch into our weekly love-fest of group-hugging each other for being so lovely, I have a message from Mark Serrels! He sent me an email telling me to pass his love onto the Kotaku community, but since I can't authentically imitate his ridiculous Scottish accent, I'll just post his message here.

Hey folks,

I am missing you. Am currently subsisting on Irn Bru and Porridge. I've eaten many many deep fried Mars Bars and I'm beginning to look like a really really fat version of Boris Becker. I thought I'd send you all a few pictures of my travels.

This is me drinking Irn Bru.

This is me being magical and walking up a wall.

This is my house.

Also - for your entertainment - I played a cool song for you at the Glasgow Science Centre. Look at me! I'M DOING SCIENCE!

See you guys soon!

Well, that was exciting. Thanks Mark! (Thark!)

Aaaaaaand now it is community kudos time!

Aidan nominated the lovely lady Strange "for being awesome" and also because she received terrible customer service from OzGameShop. But mostly for being awesome. (P.S. Did I tag "Strange" correctly in the tags? OH GOD I AM TRYING SO HARD.)

Grandmaster B-Funk has nominated everyone on the Teamspeak server for being "awesomely nice" and playing League of Legends with him. Man, it is so hard to find awesomely nice people to play games with, so we're glad you've found such a welcoming community to pwn (or be pwned by!).

More noms! Jo has nominated DAN! for consisting posting hilarious comments and helping Welbot out with his tough times.

Strange has nominated Trjn and Dr What? for kudos this week because... oh I'll let her tell the story since I'll do a terrible job of it. "Trjn offered to go and get me Space Marine from Big W and bring it to my house(!) and when I said I didn't have cash Dr What? offered to pay him back for me! I declined their generous offer but they really made my day just by offering."

Oh man, what a generous bunch! And while we're talking about Trjn, I would also like to nominate him for the quality of his comments this week. When people start getting a bit snarky or trolly in the comments I am never sure if I should jump in and snark back or just ignore it, but Trjn seems to always say what I want to say without the snark that I would inevitably allow to creep in. So thanks for that, dude!

Strange also nominated James Mac for being "the master of ninja commenting". She says: "He'll just pop in, hilariously respond with a one-liner and then disappear again. He reminds me of the other day when I closed the fridge door only to find my 2-year-old son running at me with a plastic golf-club yelling 'Hee-YAAA!' and knee-capping me before running back the way he came. Stealth masters, both." So there you go: James Mac is a golf club-wielding ninja toddler.

There are a lot of kudos noms, so I'm going to break things up a bit with a photo of me interviewing Mr. Crysis 2's crotch. He did not have a lot to say.

Continuing along...

Jamesmacusedmyhandle nominated Jamesmag, the reason being on page 2 of TAY. I am getting confused with the number of James's on here...

Rocketman has nominated NotoriousR for his great write-up on TAY about Crash Bandicoot: "I think it filled everyone with a bit of nostalgia", he writes. He also wanted to throw in a nom for Tech Knight, Bish, Blaghman, Jo, and f4ction who are helping him learn how to play League of Legends.

Getting near the end now!

Jamesmag is throwing in a nom for Dr What? for making hilarious comments on TAY all week, "made all the more hilarious because he thinks they're funny when they're really not :P". Well, Dr What? — how are you gonna respond to THAT? :P

Jamesmag also had one other nom for Jo, "because he's a babe and my BFFL". Guys, is there something you're not telling us?

Finally, the wonderful Chuloopa is giving noms to The Cracks for being rad and helping him spread the SM love, and NotoriousR for his piece on Crash Bandicoot in TAY.

I'd also like to throw in a nom for Harli, who I met in person last week! I can now confidently say that she is a very lovely person and not actually a Fat Male Cosplayer. Although I am sure I would have found her all the more endearing if she was.

That was a lot of noms. But there can only be one winner, and this week's community kudos goes to ... NotoriousR! Aside from being an excellent commenter, I think he gave everyone a great sense of nostalgia with his piece on Crash Bandicoot, and we always love hearing about people's fondest gaming memories.

Thank you everyone for sending in your noms and a big congratulations to NotoriousR! Until next week, have a safe weekend!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above – you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Sir Eats A Lot is a dude????

    NotoriousR! (´∀`)

      And by "dude" I mean "chick".
      Because these things easily confuse me.

        The general rule in Thailand and on the internet is that if you have any doubt whatsoever, assume that it is a dude.

        Also, have your wallet in your front pocket so they can't pickpocket you.

          "have your wallet in your front pocket so they can’t pickpocket you"

          They still can, but at least you'll feel all warm and tingly about it

    "Grandmaster B-Funk has nominated everyone on the Teamspeak"

    I'm hoping that includes me for not saying a single mean thing the entire time i was logged in (afk).

    Well done NotoriousR! It was a great read and really brought me back to my Crash Bandicoot days!

    And Jo, I love you babe :P

    Tracey! You weren't meant to put the part about Dr What? joke's not being funny. He's going to kill me now!

    And just to clarify Dr What?, I laugh at your jokes because they're so terrible :P

      Geez JM3, you've managed to push Bish and I off the man-love pedestal.

      Oh well, there are worse fates.

    Also Tracey! The Kudos image seems a bit blurry. No doubt there is a cool story behind this.

      Sigh. Ok, let's do this.

      Step 1: Search system for "kudos"
      Step 2: Above image appears
      Step 3: Insert image
      Step 4: Hit "preview"
      Step 5: "Umm.. this picture looks far too small. I WILL CHANGE THE DIMENSIONS TO MAKE IT BIG!
      Step 6: Write up all of community kudos and hit preview
      Step 7: "Oh man, the image looks monged. But...I am sure no one will notice."
      Step 8: Someone notices right away.

      Super cool story, Tracey.

        Phew, almost thought I might finally need glasses

        That's awesome.

        What I would have done is leave it the original size and just tell everyone to move their heads closer to their screens.

      Truth is she is really REALLLLLY drunk

      Like REALLY drunk

      She wants to show us how she's seeing the world right now

      Why do you think she's so happy it's friday?

      And singing Rebecca Black for that matter..

        No wonder Elly is leaving her.

          That and Tracey actually started PHSYICALLY tagging Elly.

          With Post-It notes

    This was the best episode of Community Kudos ever.

    holy crap just about everyone was nommed haha. Congrats NotoriousR

    Congratulations NotoriousR!

    And Tracey, I think you've got those tag things down pat.

    So many noms nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom
    Where was I?
    Orite, congratulations!

    You people are amazing.


    Best community ever.

    Love the tags.

    Serrels has A NICE HOUSE.

    Congrats NotoriousR!

    *waits for the influx of 'i wish Tracey would interview my crotch' comments*

    Also, at least 3 of those spellings of Strange's name sounded like other words for other things i don't want to mention.

    Congrats Notty! I made a difference! Yay!! I feel loved!!

    Wait.. no noms for me?? WHERE THE HELL IS MY LOVE, YOU BASTARDS?!?!?!

    Oh wait.. i won last week...

    But still.. where's the "Chuloopa is awesome, he taught me how to Space Marine. And how to love."

      Also, if Elly goes nuts at Mark's tags.. what's she going to do with these ones?!?!

      "Tonight on nine news - a mad woman goes on a killing spree in sydney. Witnesses say the woman was rambling something about "bloody tags" before police subdued her with capsicum spray, bullets and Care Bear Stares"

        Also also
        We miss you too mark!
        That video made my day both yesterday and today - it's so gloriously goofy and brilliant!

        I've agreed to "overlook" the tags in Community Kudos.


      Dammit, how did I miss an opportunity that obvious?

      I'd like a rod like that in the front of my pants.


        i wonder what it would feel like to squeeze your Mr. Perkins into one of those spongy microphone covers...

        My bet is safe... very very safe... and noise filtering, man would it ever feel noise filtering


      I wish Tracey would interview Chuloopa's crotch

      There, done.

        wait.. that's not what you're meant to say!!!

        Although, i bet he'd have some interesting stories...

        Like that time he met my friend Mr. Zipper

        Many laughs were had... at my expense... i cried... a lot...

    Well done NotoriousR.

    Tracey, I think you've got me all wrong. If you aren't noticing snark then I'm either not doing it right or you're reading it very wrong.

      I think I was getting a teacher/student vibe off a few of those comments (If the ones being talked about are the ones I read).

        Can't say I follow.

    Oh well done NotR! I'm not sure if you saw because I think you said you were going to Adelaide today but Andy Gavin sent you a message in TAY:

    And thanks everyone for making a fuss on Twitter about OzGameShop for me. I'm positive it was the power of Kotaku-Tweets that got my awesome resolution. For the record, OzGameShop fixed everything for me and went above and beyond anything I could have hoped for.

    Congrats to the Notoriousaur!!!!
    And all else mentioned!!! ;)

    That is a lot of Noms this week. I blame the spacemarine love. Everyone knows spacemarines are the friendliest people in all the universe.



    Cool story, Tracey. Longest Kudos post (and associated tag list ever) - and I mean that in the best way possible!

    I know you're out there somewhere reading this Mr Serrels... you'd better watch yourself, because if you let your standards slip then BAM - they'll kick you out and give your job to Tracey so fast it will make your head spin!

    Nah, you're both alright *group hug*

    Anyway, great work all nommed ones, especially King Nom NotoriousR! I'm not sure that I agree with your opinions on Crash Bandicoot, but it's the thought that counts :)

      I am reading this!

      Best Community Kudos post ever.

      Goddammit Tracey - next you'll be telling me you've drank all my Pepsi Max!

        Suddenly... a wild Gru appears.

        Heya chief,
        How's Glasgy?

          Boss so far - except for the rain, which was a bit predictable!

    Also also, English to Scottish translator:
    "Awright folks,I am missing ye. Am currently subsisting oan Irn Bru 'n' Porridge. I’ve eaten mony mony deep fried Mars Bars 'n' I’m oncom tae keek lik' a pure pure pie-eater version o' Boris Becker. Ah thought I’d send ye a' a few picters o' mah travels."
    It's like Mark is really here.

    What? No mention of my noms for Lone Wolf and AP?? This is madness! (well, not really, actually)
    Congrats Notty! Now I need to go back and find your write-up. (Also, I assume I would need to have played a crash bandicoot game to understand it, right?)
    Also, typing on an iPhone is such a pain...

      Oh crap I forgot to add yours. I WILL ADD NEXT WEEK OKAY OKAY??

    Congrats all. Been sick so not around much. sounds like i missed a great week!.

    Sooo Kudos has pretty much become TAY now!? I was all like, yeah I'm gonna pop in today and check out kudos, get filled in quickly, and ppl will be joyous at my arrival (well, at least shiggy will. *hugs*).

    But srsly guys, I'm not reading all this! Also, Mark is on holiday? Also, Tracey? I've been away too long!! :'(

    So in closing, congrats notorious! And hello Tracey!

      Yay Sughly! Your back! Cheapskate will be CCGless no longer! :D

        No, nope, CCGLless still I'm afraid. Stillaway. But hi Lambo!! :D


      And now it's not again, and I look the fool :/

        Man I'm glad I didn't mention anything...
        And lol for your nom, everybody knows about us now!

          Sorry Jo, I just couldn't keep it a secret anymore.

      I went in to make a quick edit and accidentally bumped a bold tag. ALL FIXED NOW EVERY BAWDY GO HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND.

    Congrats notorious!

    MORE CROTCH INTERVIEWS! Very ballsy move, I must say... I think the interview questions peaked a bit early though?

    keeping with the crotch theme magna doodle. I just ate 20 KFC nuggets because I was thinking about doing that all day now I will xp glitch spam deus ex. Friday, Friaday which seat will I take?

    i love that tracey was like "guys we need more noms" and then everyone nom'ed...

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