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This week's community kudos does not bring any postcards from Mark (sadface), so I decided to make it exciting by sprinkling glitter all over my keyboard before I started typing. Now there is glitter everywhere and Elly is going to yell at me when she comes into the office.

I thought I would kick things off with a cool photo I took when I was at E3 this year.

Look at all those Minecraft heads! They were giving them out for free! Unfortunately, I did not get one because I was rushing to an interview and there was a long line to get one. Man, I should have just not bothered with that interview and gotten me a Minecraft face hat.

Anyway, onto kudos!

Dire Wolf has nominated Hugo the Hungarian Barbarian for community kudos for "the trouble he's had with getting Dead Island and the hilarious story he told about it".

Jamesmag (who I had to email to confirm that he was, indeed, Jamesmag and not Jamesmac or Jamesmcusedmyhandle or SOME OTHER JAMES FROM THE KOTAKU COMMUNITY GOOD LORD HOW MANY OF YOU ARE THERE??) has thrown in a nom for BDKIAF for gifting him with a copy of Terraria on Steam. Ah, the generosity!

He's also throwing in a nom for Steve-O The Deve-O for re-writing "We Didn't Start The Fire" by Billy Joel for the Can'd Meat.


Bish has nominated a whole group for League of Legends-related shenanigans. One nom goes to f4ction "for driving a few community play nights forward, and putting up an impromptu Minecraft server when League was down for maintenance". A nom also goes to Tech Knight and Steve-O for slotting into the 'Team Captain' roles in the Kotaku vs Kotaku matches.

Bish also insists that he is allowed to "double nom" (sounds devious to me), and that second nom goes back to Steve-O "for some splendid posts".

Trjn is nomming Steve-O for his work on the Billy Joel song lyrics (that makes it sound as though Trjn is eating Steve-O, which is a thought that makes me both lol and cringe — I don't know how I feel about this). Jo has nominated Steve-O for the same thing!

Dearest Qumulys sends his noms to Lamboman for "always being an outstanding community representative on Kotaku and for always giving his time". Mr. Lambo man also gifted Qumulys with a copy of Need For Speed-HP on Steam!

Rocketman has a nom for Steve-O for not only that song, but... oh I'll let him tell the story: "Him and I live like four hours apart from each other and he very generously offered for me to be picked up by a mate of his to go to a LAN event. What a champ."

Strange has a nom for Dr. What? for his canned meat poster here and his cool shirt design here.

Aaaaand one last one from Hermes and Thoth. He is nominating A Lot Of People for wishing him a happy birthday this week. Here's the list! Bish, Jamesmag, Steve-O the Deve-O, Blaghman, Noobheadshot, Harli, Hugo the Hungarian Barbarian, Trjn, lambomann007, jamesmacusedmyhandle, NotoriousR, Chuloopa, welbot, Rocketman, The Cracks, Dire Wolf and Klutar.


The noms this week are all fantastic, but there can only be one winner, and that person is ... Steve-O The Deve-O! He wins on the grounds that basically everyone has nominated him. So yay! Hey Steve-O, send me an email so that we can organise for a prize to be sent out to you!

As for everyone else, thank you for another awesome week! Nominations for next week can be sent to Tracey[dot] lien[at] alluremedia[dot] com[dot] au. Have a good weekend!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above – you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Hey, where do we send nominations?


    Well-O done-O Steve-O. Your wishes of Kudos have come true!


    Congrats Steve-O

    well earned win! :D

    Congratulations Steve-O! Those lyrics were well worth it! :P Thanks again BDKIAF for Terraria, when my internet goes back up, I'll be sure to play it! :P

    And Bish, aren't we all allowed to double-nom? :P

    I'd like to argue that I didn't actually wish H&T a Happy Birthday, and I merely commented that he was old. SO OLD! OOOOOLLLLLLLDDDDDDDD! Where was I? Oh yes, congratumalations Steve-O, even if I feel that your Meter may need a bit of work.

    Congrats Steve-O! Just want to say thanks again Lambo, very awesome of you! And Happy Bday to Hermes, sorry I missed it! :-D

    *tears up*

    Still deciding which is the biggest prize - winning kudos, or getting 'nommed' by Trjn. :D

    Thanks guys, have a great weekend!

      Where is the "STEVE-O HOLT \o/"?

      Om nom nom?

        You should play as Cho'Gath or Nunu so you can nom SteveO in LoL for real.

        /not funny

          I thought that was hilarious... xD

          Also, CONGRATS STEVE-O! :D

    Congrats SteveO!!!!!!!

    And those Minecraft heads are wicked.

      P.S. This is random: every time I see someone type out they got "nom'd" in LoL while CrabJiffy is playing, I'm reminded of Kotakudos.

    Cheers for the HBD S-OTD-O! Congratzzz!

    Yay for the Devo!!!

    I totally forgot to nom the Kotaku Ninjas : Sughly, AP and Jimu!!!!!!!!
    We also had some much needed cloud cover come in.
    Ponies are imba needed a tag.

    Have a good weekend peoples!!!!!

    Congrats Mr. Steve-O! You have been very entertaining and thoroughly deserve this win.

    I haven't been around much this week because I have been sick every day this week except Wednesday, which was my transition from one type of illness to another. Who gets two different bugs in the same week?! Oh yeah, people with children. :P Anyway, I'm sorry I missed your Birthday, Hermes and Thoth, Happy Belated Birthday!

      Is it too late to make noms now?

      Thanks S:TFL!

      At least by next week you will be so pumped up with antibodies that you will be immune to any illness next weekend?
      Be well, lady Strange!

    I need one of those Minecraft heads :)
    And thanks Qumulys :D Now hurry up and get that game downloaded so we can do some multiplayer :P

      Oh, and congrats Steve-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :P

      It is done! We need to set up a big NFS night next week? I'm looking forward to it :-D

    Well done Mr Deve-o! Well deserved!

    Thanks to Strange for my nom and thanks Tracey for the shirt publicity!

    Man, Kudos was easier in the old days there is too much awesome in TAY these days.

    Yay for Steve-O! Yay for Q-bo stopping GT5 to say hi! Yay for Strange getting better! Yay for ginger beer! Yay for the weekend!


    Congrats Steve-O!

    And thanks for the nom, Bish :) It's greatly appreciated.

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